The Big Mistake Of The Company: Stay Or Leave ?

What if your company makes a big mistake?
It’s been published in the industry press and everybody in the industry and business knows about it.
What should you do ?
You have two alternatives: Stay of Leave

Stick with the mistake

Stick with the mistake and try to make the best out of it is one way to go.
Perhaps the worst will be over quickly and people forget or come back because of the previous renown of the brand.
You have existing customers to visit and to convince as you are their trusted contact to the company.
If others leave the company you have the opportunity to obtain a larger or more profitable region or even climb the hierarchy ladder getting more responsibility.
You know what you have in this company but you will be unsure what it is with the competitor.
At least you are consistent which gives a certain trust relationship: the main task of a salesman is to minimize the risk that the decision maker has to take.

Admit and leave

Admitting the mistake and move on is a new multiple challenge as you first need to find a new opportunity and secondly you need to prove yourself again in a different environment. What you have been building up in your previous company is probably gone too.
The competitor might just hire you for your contacts and once entered them into their CRM and contacted you get dumped.
The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
It is likely you will start at a lower level than previously.
Will colleagues trust you as you jumped ship ?
Will your existing clients follow you as you have praised the competitor previously and now you turn around.

What would you do or what have you done in such an event of a big mistake of your company ?


The Method To Create Valuable Content

Some people (not many) are able to write and create great content. It is their given.
All other people need to do their best to achieve writing valuable content.

In order to help you in the process of writing great or valuable content you can use this checklist:


Will the reader understand what you are writing about ?
– Adjust to the reading level of the audience
– State your subject, idea or concept clearly
– Define the context in order not to be misunderstood
– Address to the reader
– Make the reader recognize the situation or circumstances

Question to ask yourself: can the visitors understand my content ?

Fast content

People are impatient and don’t want to waste their time:
– Front-loading (inverted pyramid style): put the most important or newsworthy information at the top. Important details in the middle. And general data or background info at the bottom.
– Quickly and easily assessable content: with a fast scan your visitors should be convinced to start reading the content.

Question to ask yourself: can the visitors assess my content fast ?


– Split your content into short chunks that can be scanned easily
– One idea, concept or information per paragraph: avoid all complexity

Question to ask yourself: one thing per paragraph ?


Make it easy for people to read or just scan your text:
– Stick to the same style guide or pattern
– Use headings for each paragraph
– Use numbered lists and bullets
– Highlight what’s important

Question to ask yourself: how does my page look ?


Even the best content can be not findable:
– Use tags:
– Use metadata
– Catchy title
– Add descriptors if possible
– Add keywords
– Insert links to related content: the more the better
– In case there are images add the Alt tags

Question to ask yourself: did I add all the things to optimize findability ?

How is your content created ?


Sales Persuasion Secrets

In order to sell you need to convince the potential client in several ways. You need to persuade the decision maker and his staff or influencers to say ‘Yes’.

The techniques sales people use to get you to think the way they want you to:
1. Reciprocity
2. Scarcity
3. Authority
4. Consistency
5. Liking
6. Consensus

Watch the video with the exceptional white board sketches:

One human behavior that might have been forgotten is emotion.

In B2C there is an overwhelming amount of emotion involved in most buying decisions.
Even in B2B there is emotion in marketing and sales.

Which persuasion techniques do you already use in your sales ?


B2B Bribery Or Incentives ?

In whatever B2B business bribery is lurking around. The bigger the projects or the more recurrent the sales value the greater chance one of your competitors will try a form of bribery. This can have very different forms: from a lunch, to a favor, to cash.
There is a very narrow line between bribery and incentive. Incentive for a company or incentive for a manager/director is a big difference. The incentive for a company is beneficial to the company thus no bribery. The incentive for a person is clearly a bribery.
As everybody has a price a bribery or an incentive is sometimes easier than going through a long sales process and not closing the deal.

Another type is giving incentives to people in order to get a referral. The referral is important for future sales, whereas the incentive for the referral was for an already closed deal.

Bribery is omnipresent in all B2B business and it is the fieriest competition as it can turn your competitor into a winner even with inferior products or solutions.

If your competitor is using bribery, then should you use it too ? better not as there are laws against it: the Bribery Act 2010 (UK) came into force 1 July 2011 and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US).

Have you spotted bribery in your B2b business ?
Occasionally or often ?


Think and talk like your customer in order to sell (and listen)

Sales meeting

When meeting a potential customer or a customer successful sales people hardly talk about the product or solution. If possible they will even avoid product demos.
The best is to think and talk like your customer:

If you are able to think like your customer – as if you were in his position facing his daily problems or the main problem ahead – you will have more chance to get into a conversation and relation with your potential customer.
The subjects and the matters you bring or discuss will be related to him.

Once you can think like your potential customer you will be able to hold a conversation that really interests the customer.
You will be able to talk about real life situation where the customer can relate to.
Moreover the conversation will continue and not drop death as you engage the decision maker while he feels you are dealing with the same problems and issues.

During the conversation you will learn by listening to the decision maker or the influencer about current and future problems. Anyone talking openly will tell more than what they want to tell. Every single bit of additional information will allow you to adjust your product or solution offering and thus increasing the chances to win.

Conversation instead of pitching

The main interest is the conversation not the sales pitch. Eventually the solution or product needs to be promoted, but only after establishing a basic relationship.


Similar is happening on your website as potential customers will visit before and during the sales process the website of the vendor. Although this is not a conversation but the trails they leave (pages visited, their visit pattern, frequency of visits) will indicate their interest or their approach to solving a problem they have. Use this additional information in your next meeting or telephone call as you are able to have more understanding of the view of the world (of problems and solutions) by your customer. that’s how you will succeed in your sales process.

How do you get the attention of your potential customer ?


Top Free Social Media Analysis Tools

We all like free tools as budgets are tight and demand for information on social media marketing is high.
Hence this Social Media Analysis list:

The most versatile:
Buzzsumo for Tweets, Facebook shares, LinkedIn shares, Pinterest shares and Google+ shares
GoogleAlerts whatever on the Internet
SharedCount tracks URL shares, likes, tweets, and more
ShareTally Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Buffer, Delicious,, Pocket, TheWebBlend, ScoopIt, BlogEngage, HackerNews, BizSugar, Xing, DesignFloat, VKontakte, Fancy
SocialCrawlytics Crawls the Internet
Topsy analyzes Tweets and more

The rest are mostly about Twitter: Twitter analysis
Klout Social Media Analytics Tool
LikeAlyzer Facebook likes
Manage Flitter very limited free plan to analyze Twitter
SimplyMeasured some free rather limited tools
SocialRank Twitter analysis
TagBoard Twitter tags
Twazzup Twitter analysis
TweetReach Tweets reach
Tweriod Twitter analysis
Twtrland Twitter analysis

Just try in order to find what suits you best.


Content Marketing Tricks

Content promotion timing

Start promoting earlier than you would originally plan to do. Don’t wait until the new product or service is actually available. You have to build momentum which takes time. The more noise you create early the higher the likelihood to be heard.

Marketing momentum

Trying to achieve the marketing momentum solely is a huge task and challenge. Moreover as all the content is from the same source the search engines will put less value to it.
if you could convince other people or sources to create content about your new product or service the amount of content will be more important and more importantly from different sources which is better appraised by the search engines.

Redistribution of content

Whereas you have the issue to distribute content and get interest for your content, others are in need of new content. Websites, publications, journalists are in need of content. If you can make your content usable and available for them,chances are your content will be reused and distributed through different channels.
Of course you need to persuade the people involved and have your content interesting enough for them.

Multiple content streams

If you have only one content stream chances are lower that your content gets redistributed or gains momentum. The more content streams and channels you use the more likely to get picked up or redistributed.
So instead of having just a blog, use additional channels (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn,…) with the same or similar content


Intelligent Content Is The Future Of Content

Intelligent content comes with many advantages:

Automatically adaptable to different channels

Adapting content to different channels (Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, Smart TVs,..) is pain and a burden as the same content need to be reformatted and adapted to each channel.
Intelligent Content will be automatically adapted to different devices without human intervention. This will reduce content costs and increase delivery.
Adding a new device it only requires a set of rules for defining how to adapt all of your content to the new device. No more reworking all of your content for every new device or channel.

Automatic reconfiguration

Intelligent Content is modular which allows for rapid reconfiguration of the content. parts of content can easily be added or removed or appended for adjusting the change in requirement for customers, markets or products.

Re-usability of content

Reduced creation costs
Once content is created it is always beneficial if it can be reused. By using existing components of content in different ways much more content can be created in a short amount of time.

Less new content required
The amount of new content an author has to create is reduced and thus it saves time an costs. Moreover the review costs are reduced too as already reviewed parts are being used in the new content.

Content manageability
Manage benefit and reduced cost: If the original content is changed then the reused content too as it is updated automatically everywhere that piece of content appears.

Reduced translation costs
As the content consists of modules then only the new modules need to be translated. And also the review of the translation costs is reduced significantly.
Again the delivery of the content in different languages is speeded up too.

Content consistency and quality increase
As the original content is reused many times, consistency is guaranteed. There is no copying and pasting of content in aleatory manners which allows for inconsistency to creep in as when the original content gets updated all the reused content gets updated too, which is not the case for copy/pasted content.

Automatic discovery

Tagging content with semantic metadata (text, images, video, audio, …), the content is discovered automatically by the bots of search engines.

When will you introduce Intelligent Content in your company ?


Intelligent Content Is Next

Intelligent Content

Ann Rockley, defines intelligent content as “structurally rich and semantically categorized, and therefore automatically discoverable, reusable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.”

Explained into understandable and usable English:
Instead of using the same content for every channel (Print, Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, …), the content should adapt, adjust and format itself suiting to the channel it will be used for. For each channel the content will be changed and reformatted in order to suit the requirements of each channel.
This is in order to avoid that prospective customers can’t find the information they are looking for and move to another content provider which presents information they are looking for in the format they want to use.

Structural rich content

The goal is to automate the content assembly and delivery processes.
In order to make your content intelligent which allows for systems to process it automatically, you need to remove formatting from the source files and add structure. These are predetermined organizational patterns supported by metadata tags.

The structure of the content allows to become appropriate to various output channels.

Benefits of structurally rich content

1) Cost reduction:
Requires less time to create for the authors.
Reviewing is easier for the reviewers as it is uniform across all channels.
Structured content is more manageable as it is identical across all channels.
The cost of publishing is eliminated as the costs of adapting your content for multiple devices is nonexistent.

2) Faster:
As authors follow a pattern they are able to create content faster. Using patterns guide the authors during content creation.

3) Unified for reuse:
As the content is properly structured the components are truly reusable and appears unified.

Consistency by predictability:
For automating delivery of the content a high level of predictability is required.
By using style sheets and instructions for controlled structures allow automated processing compared to non-structured content which needs to be adapted for each channel.

Will you change your content creation to intelligent content ?


The Necessity Of Brand Stories

According to Ian Rowden, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Group: “The best brands are built on great stories.“
If you don’t have a brand story then your brand won’t stand out from the crowd. Your brand and products will be more like a commodity: there are no differentiators.

In the case of brand stories people will replicate them because they believe about you based on the signals your brand sends.

It is not enough or sufficient to just create, put up and publish a story around your brand. The story has to be interesting enough to be replicated by your potential customers or by the advisers. The brand story has to relate to what people care about and want to buy into. The story should also focus on the scarcity and showing the value of your brand. The story shouldn’t be about the utility and functionality of products and services but beyond: it should strive for the obtaining loyalty and generating a bond with your customer or potential customer.

What brand stories does your brand have ?


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