What social media drives your traffic in B2B ?

Traffic from Social Media

According to this study and this one Pinterest and Facebook drive the most traffic to your website.
Getting traffic is great, but how much of these visitors really become customers ? if they only click to visit your website and typically never buy then all the energy, money and time you invested in Pinterest and Facebook is worthless.

What about B2B ?

Are Pinteret and Facebook also leading in driving traffic to B2B websites ?
Probably not as it seems unlikely that business people use one of these websites to find solutions for their problems or issues.

- Facebook: very unlikely it is used as a source for business related topics
- Pinterest: pictures tell a thousand words but not valid for companies
- Twitter: there are more bots on Twitter than humans – unlikely information source for B2B
- StumbleUpon: for solving problems in companies you don’t stumble upon a solution
- Reddit: searching on Reddit is cumbersome
- Youtube: great for how to do in personal life / at home but not for business
- LinkedIn might be useful for B2B as it has focused groups
- Google+: who uses this ?

Hence it seems that social media has limited impact on driving traffic to your B2B website. LinkedIn might be the best channel. Other than that your blog might be the best.

What social media sends traffic to your B2B website ?


How To Write Quality Content

In order to have lead generating Content Marketing you need to have quality content. What is quality content ?
- Titles and headers related to the content text
- Recognizable points of pain
- Solutions for real life issues and problems
- Content that resonates with stakeholders in your company
- Compelling
- Limited in length in order to avoid skimming instead of reading
- Using easy language that is understood by a wide range of people
- No or limited use of industry specific language
- No abbreviations
- Target and tailor your content to connect your target audience
- Present value not a sales pitch
- Subtle sales message

After you have written read the content. Then let it read by several other employees and ask questions in order to verify if they really have read it.

Of all the content you produced, how much can be labeled as quality content?


Increasing your brand exposure on vehicles

Exposing your brand

As a business owner or marketeer you want to expose your brand as much as possible. Preferably beyond your normal channels and beyond your normal reach.
One of the alternatives is displaying your website on cars, vans or lorries your company owns. Remembering a website is likely more feasible than remembering the telephone number or your business address that you often see on company vehicles.

Inform what your brand stands for

However just showing the url isn’t enough as a potential new customer could not be aware for what your brand stands for. people can and will only be able to recall your brand if they know what business you have or industry you are in as else they can’t file your brand.
That’s why you need to add the type of business, the problems your company solves or the tag line underneath the website.

Have you experienced using vehicles to expose your brand already ?


Rational vs Emotional vs Reputation B2B Marketing

Most marketeers and CxO’s assume B2B marketing is rational. However this is incorrect as in B2B marketing often emotions and reputations are being used.

Rational marketing:
- This Product will increase your productivity with X%
- This Solution will decrease your Total Cost of Ownership with Y%

Emotional Marketing
- Our Product will give you confidence
- Our brand stands behind this Solution

Reputation Marketing
- This Product is used by the top companies in your business
- This solution has this long reference list

Rational Marketing issues

The issue with Rational Marketing is that it is hard to proof during the sales pitch. How can you proof your numbers are to be trusted ? How can the decision taker believe your measurements are correct and not biased ?
Why should someone believe your numbers ?

Emotional and Reputation Marketing benefits

Emotional and Reputation can be played out much more easily during a sales pitch.

Emotions and reputation play a much bigger role than the Rational Marketing as decision takers, influencers and purchasers will always avoid risks for reasons of job security. It is much easier to explain your decision if the brand is well-known and the reference list is long as then you rely upon decisions made by your peers. These are ‘me-too’ decisions which avoid as much risk as possible.
The issue with references is to have obtained these projects and sales and to be allowed to use them as a reference. Reference lists are hard to build.

Product complexity kills Rational Marketing

The more complex the product or solution the less people will really understand it thoroughly. Moreover most manager, influencers and decision takers don’t have enough time to invest in order to entirely understand how the solution works and know or see the disadvantages. Instead they will trust upon the salesman, the reference list and the brand name which will give them confidence in their decision.

Reduce or remove risks

The biggest challenge for the salesman is to minimize risk or take away as much risk as possible as the function, features, advantages and benefits can be found on the company website or in any review.

What do you use Rational, Emotional or Reputation Marketing ?


Are bots or people visiting your website ?

If 36% of all web traffic are bots then who is visiting your website ?
How can you know if bots or people are on your website ? Bots won’t ever buy anything from your company. People in companies will.

Even if your analytics software or service indicates a decent amount of traffic then what is the value if a large part are bots visiting. You should aim for real people traffic not bots.

In order to segregate real people from bots on your website you need a service that reveals the companies visiting your B2B website. Only then you will know if people really find your website interesting or if bots are just looking around on your website.

What about the traffic on your website ? Bots or people ?


Who should be the real star of the company ?

Whatever it takes to create a new product or solution, the biggest challenge and achievement is selling the new product or solution.

The challenge and achievement of a new product

Highly intelligent people, creative people, visionaries, persistent people, geniuses, … can come up with a concept or solution for fixing a problem or for decreasing cost or for applying a new technology and achieve their biggest challenge to really deliver a finished product or solution. This might take them several years. This might take the R&D department of a company years of time and a lot of investment.
However the biggest challenge and achievement is selling the product or solution at a price with a profit.

The Star of the company

In the end the Salesman is the genius of the company as he has been able to explain the benefits or advantages and convince the potential buyer to take the risk. The Salesman also needs to take away the risk as the first customer will be buying a new product or solution without any reference which includes a major risk. The star of the company is the Salesman not so much the man or group of people that have created or developed the new product or solution.

Do you have stardom within your company as a salesman ?


When your sales cycle is stuck in Middle Management

Middle Management delaying

Although your opportunity or project seems to have a good upside for your solution, however since weeks or months there is no progress or any advance in your sales cycle. The people in your sales and technical presentation meetings are Middle Management. They come up with ever more questions and ever more possible issues which delays the closing of the sales deal.

Goal of Top Level Management

On the other hand this Middle Management has had given by Top Level Management the objective to come up with a solution within a few months. This due day is approaching and nothing seems to point to a possibility of closing the sales deal.
It is clear you are stuck with Middle Management who have other goals than top management.

The real goal of Middle Management

The first approach is to identify what the real goals of Middle Management is. In many cases it is to protect their job or the jobs of their employees as if employees are laid off the power of middle management decreases significantly.
In case you a sure the goals of Middle Management are different from the CxO goals then you are certainly stuck for a long time – if not forever.

Way out by addressing CxO

The only way out is to address to the CxO who has defined the goal in the first place. You cannot just address the CxO concerned, but you need to show and present adequate, sufficient information and explain the proposed solution in easy to understand terms when reaching out to the CxO.
You can only have one shot at the CxO which requires investigating in the CxO occupation, interest, career and whatever that could be relevant for selecting the solution in order to reach the goal. You need to understand what drives the CxO to set the goal.
If you have done your home work, then you can formulate a pitch or a consulting essay which you have to try to present to the CxO. In order to get into a conversation with the CxO you need to be to the point in order to trigger his interest with your email or call.

Not bypassing Middle Management

Although you are then trying to bypass Middle Management, don’t forget you will have to face them again as the CxO will request feedback from his Middle Management. Hence you can’t say anything wrong or make any negative remark about them or getting stuck with them.
When you meet again with Middle Management they will know you jumped over their heads. Thus you need to have a good explanation why this has happened.

This is how you can get moving forward again with your sales cycle if you are stuck with Middle Management.

Did you ever addressed a higher management level when you got stuck with Middle management ?


The issues with Social Media Marketing for B2B

Now the hype of Social Media has passed by the issues with Social media for B2B are:
- Is it worth investing time, capacity and money ?
- What is the result short term ?
- What is the result long term ?
- How to measure the impact ?
- Does it generate leads ?
- Does it generate leads that convert into sales ?
- How to calculate the ROI – if any ?
- Is Social Media perceived as spam like email spam ?
- How does Social Media interfere with and during the sales process ?
- Do (more) Followers and Likes lead to leads ?
- How far does Followers and Likes reach (to potential customers) ?
- Does Social Media build awareness of the brand for B2B ?

Due to accountability, proving real sales and seemingly impossibility to calculate a ROI for Social Media efforts, it might that Social Media for B2B is not worth the investment.

What is your take or experience on Social Media Marketing for your B2B business ?


Content Marketing Challenges

The challenges of and problems with Content Marketing are four-fold:
- What content can interest your potential customers
- How to publish content as you need to distribute content in order to get read
- Timing
- Uniqueness

1. What content ?

Creating or generating original, valuable or interesting content for your potential customers is not evident and not given to all people.
What should you write about? How should you write about it?

Moreover having a content hit is not guaranteeing success:
- Audience: if the attracted audience are not potential customers you have been wasting your time
- Continuous: if you publish one or two misers afterward a hit blog post, the magic of drawing mass attention in your market is gone.

2. How to publish ?

There are so many channel:
- Your website
- Industry recognized websites
- Press release
- Company blog
- Social micro blogging
- White paper
- Pod cast
- Webinar
- Online video
- Online Presentation publishing
- …
All these channels are possible, but it is not predictable upfront which channel will succeed in getting the most attention. hence trials and tests are required in order to find out what channel reaches your target audience.

3. Timing

Content that is interesting today can be expired of interest if you publish it tomorrow.
There is a time window for content that is perceived interesting by your potential customers:
- Too early and none of your potential customers will notice it or has an impact
- Too late and your potential customers know it already for a while
Hence timing is essential

4. Uniqueness

Content information that has become commonly know in your industry will not have any significant impact. Moreover if it is perceived as ‘me-too’ then it will not help your brand as your content indicates you are lagging behind.

What is your biggest hurdle with Content Marketing that you have encountered ?


The hardest in B2B Sales and Marketing

Lead generation

For one thing marketing and sales organizations across the globe are unanimous about the hardest to obtain are high-quality leads. This is and remains the business world greatest challenge.
High-quality leads are not the business cards obtained at a trade show or on a conference, but the leads that are showing real interest and have real potential.

The Internet changed the game

Both Marketing and sales used to have controlled communication using controllable channels. However the Internet changed it all as your potential buyers can obtain information about your products, competitors’ products and the market. As a matter of fact your potential buyers will have visited your website too for gathering and craving information. In most cases potential buyers will only contact your sales team when they already have made their short list and more or less made up their mind too.

Retrieve information from your website

Thus in order to have your sales people to start contacting and communicating early in the purchase selection process, they need to know what is happening or even better who are the companies that are visiting your website. This will give them a head start and allow them to focus solely on potential customers.
These web solutions exist and it might be that your successful competitor is using one of these solutions.

What about you? Do you know who is visiting your website?


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