The Social Media Marketing Revolution becomes an Evolution

The trend spotters and the marketing guru’s promised the social media marketing revolution.
As a result every brand:
– Needed to have a Facebook page (or a MySpace page in 2006)
– Was editing and publishing a blog about their brand (that nobody interested)
– Was posting Tweets on Twitter like a spammer (amongst all the automated spam)
– Was writing comments on blog posts like a parasite.

Probably the contrarian is true: the social media marketing revolution has become an evolution instead.

The change in social media

– People have moved from MySpace to FaceBook, probably in order to move to the next online space soon.
– The explosive growth of Twitter is slowing down as the marketing impact of Oprah has weaned off.
   See Sysomos study: More than 50% of all updates are published using tools, other than
– More and more blog are no longer updated.
– Many blogs contain the content of another blog and are just redistributing.

A blog post is a lot of work and posting frequently then a blog becomes real work.
A micro blog post is fast and short, still it doesn’t catch on: hardly anybody on Twitter tweets.
Some people do comment on blogs, but these are a minority and mostly the same people.
Maybe the reason for this is because creating content requires inspiration, effort and creativity.

Rapster Miley Cyrus says Goodbye to Twitter because she started ‘living for moments’ and wanted to start ‘living for people’ instead:

Passive people instead of participation in social media

Ever more people watch YouTube, however passively.
That’s not social media as social media requires interaction and participation: YouTube, Seesmic, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Viddler all have become a broadcast system like TV has been since ever.

Content is probably still king, but the number of successful or influential sources will become limited.

Instead of creating new content, people are lazy and just share content (Bookmark or ReTweet) by clicking a button next to the original content. The lesser the effort required, the higher the likelihood of getting propagated over the Internet.


Social media will continue to exist especially for specific interest groups but instead of an explosive revolution that changes the world overnight, there will be a slow evolution.

It will take several decennia before social media will be used throughout all layers of the industrialized world.

Social media killed the journalist

Journalism and news media will never be the same again as anyone from anywhere in the world can get attention using the Internet: the decline of newspapers and magazines.

Isn’t it strange that gossip magazines seem to survive over all the serious information sources? Is this related to the type of people reading these gossip magazines?

However as many are shouting or crying for your attention, they will need to be shouting the right keywords on the right moment. As many are shouting every now and then a few some will get the demanded attention.

What is the chance the message from your company will be ever heard amongst all the shouting?

Interruptive advertising is dying

If social media has achieved one thing, it is the interruptive advertising marketing has become an unsustainable model. People will turn away from the online advertising just like nearly everybody zaps away during TV-commercials.
Interruptive advertising is dying a sure death.

This causes a new problem as good old advertising has become hardly effective.
What should businesses use in order to announce products and solutions?
How should they get any attention?

There is no evolution without revolution

Probably we are currently seeing the typical hype curve where we just passed the hype and are now descending before the masses start to pick up the trend.

As the hype cycle is over the top, social media is here to stay and to grow by more general adaptation by most layers of the population.
Still irrevocable damage has been done to journalism, newspapers and magazines together to the interruption advertising which has ruled for so many years.

Slowly brands will adapt to the evolution that social media marketing has to offer with new rules:
As the rules of the game are known, the windows of opportunity have log been closed.

How is your company using Social media effectively?
What has been cancelled or is no longer being updated? The company blog, the Facebook page, Twitter ?
What is being used? Advertising or Social media?
How does your company achieve to be heard by potential customers?

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3 Responses to “The Social Media Marketing Revolution becomes an Evolution”

  • Orrymain says:

    I found this entire post to be very spot on. I’ve never tweeted and have no interest to. I detest interruptive advertising and can’t ‘x’ out of it quickly enough even if it means leaving the website entirely. I have a blog and go in spurts with few comments. That’s usually because I wonder if anyone is out there looking at it. I think feedback would make me post more fun stuff instead of business type posts.

  • Tongyun says:

    As many Internet marketers know, the process of getting people interested in your product is an evolutionary process. What was once the hot method can become the old method very quickly. You really have to stay on top of your game in order to succeed. And for those who can anticipate the next big trend, the market is yours for the taking.

  • Mockingbird says:

    I think that social networking is fine, but you can’t let it go stale, you absolutily must keep your finger on the pulse of your demographic. No matter how you slice it thats not easy, modern marketers shold go back to some of the methods used before the annoying pop up era, they would probably have better results

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