Will Your Business Be Uberficated ?

Uberfication business threat

If something similar as Uber happens in your market or business then your company comes under severe threat as a similar offering is available from many sources providing more flexibility at lower prices.

Uberfication market

When buyers and sellers are able to find each other digitally directly and allowing the buyer to select based on rating and price, Uberfication is happening in your business.

The digital platform does not provide services but only connects a customer with a demand to a supplier, who provides a service – the digital platform only takes a commission.

Uberfication eliminating companies

No longer the concept of a company with assets and workforce needs to be in place as is shown by Airbnb: there is no one company with a lot of assets (rooms) involved but solely individuals and a digital platform.

Something similar is in place in China: producers and sellers offer products on Alibaba or AliExpress and the end customer buys directly from them.
No more traders, distributors as goods are shipped directly from producer to end customer which cuts down significantly on pricing as all the logistic intermediaries are eliminated. At the same time the level of goods in inventories are also lowered significantly.

Uberfication characteristics

There is more that affects society, markets and businesses:
The characteristics of Uberfication are:
– A mobile access to a platform for the client convenience for his on demand requirement.
– The avoidance of most or all of the regulations that apply to conventional providers of the service.
– The providers of the service are not employees of any company but are independent contractors.
– The flexibility is primordial for both the clients as well as the providers (independents).
– The pricing is based on the demand for the availability of offering which in most cases will result in lower pricing for the customer.
– Social security for the providers is a far cry.

Uberfication prerequisites

Any business that can be traded on a digital platform and requiring any kind of asset that is widely available is vulnerable for Uberfication.
Businesses of heavy investment goods and typical B2B products are likely not running the chance to get Uberfication. Still very common B2B products could also be Uberficated if companies would offer their assets for temporary usage on a digital platform. For example a vorkheftruck could be rented out over the weekend by businesses closed over the weekend.

If consumers or businesses buy and use your relatively high investment value products then Uberfication could happen to your business too.

Has your business already encountered an Uberfication or could it happen?


How To Avoid Leads From Your Website Getting Wasted

Lost leads

More than often when you fill out a contact or inquiry form on a website you never ever hear back from the company. Apparently often something goes wrong in the process and you as a lead for the company is lost.
Moreover it is rather unlikely you will contact the company again and you will probably not consider buying from this company because of the perception of lack of interest in you as a potential customer.

Online form Process flow

When a online contact or inquiry form gets completed it ends up in a digital file on a server – it might even get printed on a sheet of paper. The issue is then how it gets distributed to the salesman who should contact the potential customer. The process step from the automatic append of the file on the server to getting distributed to a salesman that requires human interaction.
In case this process flow is executed then the salesman needs to see or perceive enough interest in this lead to actually take action. Why should he invest time for calling or emailing the potential client ? The salesman has more deals and potential customers on his hand than he can handle and all these have had already human interaction: the salesman can put a face or event on each of the potential deals.
Chances are that in case of lack of time or insufficient apparent interest or insignificant deal the salesman will forget about the website lead as he doesn’t know the person which can be an additional hurdle.


One way to check or even recoup the deal is by sending an automated email response after 2 or 3 business days to the potential customer to inquire if his inquiry has been followed up or answered. This is relatively easy to organize and has the potential to obtain more information on the almost lost deals as they haven’t been followed up.

Additionally a system can be installed that reveals the companies visiting which allows the salesman better estimate the level of interest and the value of the potential customer of his leads from the contact and inquiry forms as he can see how often and how many pages have been visited by how many people of the company are actually interested.

How do you handle website leads ?


Why Do Customers Want To Call ? And We Don’t

As we have an online service I always wonder why people want to call. All possible information is available online, the price quote and link to their personalized payment page are send by email. Paying for subscription happens also online.


Some people just want to talk to one of the managers of the web service just to verify if the company really exists and is legit.
This is easy but even this short phone call is a waste of time for us.
Wondering why replying emails is not sufficient.


Some businessmen only will buy if they get an additional discount as they are used to get it. It’s part of their habit and culture. In their view the best way to get their additional discount is to have a call with the vendor in order to persuade and convince (or make believe) they are an important customer who will bring additional business. However that never happens.
So this type of customers are even more a waste of time as these type of calls will take long.


Some people expect to get a walk-through of the service or a complete training on the application. However this is why we offer a 30-day free trial.
We know that similar but expensive web services offer walk-through and 24/7 support – but you pay the price.
As we are a low-cost service no walk-through or trainings are possible. Instead the free trial and the explanatory and helpful emails during the free trial.

Company size and brand

We always wonder if people want to call us did they also call Google for using the search or the web analytics? Probably not. It’s just a mater of company size and brand name.


As a low-cost web service we don’t see any benefit in having phone calls with potential customers and just want to limit conversations to emails.
If we would have a possibility to do an upsell, then we would have a reason to take phone calls with customers as this could bring additional revenue.

What is your attitude to calling customers?


Why Online B2B Sales is Consultative Selling

Internet BtoB sales
The online B2B sales method is in line with the Consultative Selling that was defined by Mack Hanan in the 1970s: focusing on the problems of potential customers and providing the best suited solutions: selling without selling.

Solution search

On the internet people in companies will look for possible solutions. The search engines act as the intermediates between the buyer and the vendor for:
– Providing the feasible alternative solutions
– Establishing the first link between buyer and vendor
– Proving the importance of the vendor: the more references (links) the more value the vendor has.

Content Marketing

The company website and all of the other references found on the Internet provide useful content for solving the problems of a potential customer: this is just what consultative selling is all about except for the analysis of the problem to be solved. That remains with the customers and could have the wrong approach.

Hence your website needs to contain more than just your products or services. On the website different industries with their specific problems that your products or services can solve need to be presented and explained. The value of this information comes from the leads it can generate. The more problems and their solutions listed and explained the higher likelihood someone will find your information useful and interesting, which can become a lead.

Leads automation

In order make this process of lead generation more effective, getting a tool for revealing the companies visiting your website is beneficial as then your sales know the companies to call that are showing interest in your solutions.

How effective is your website in Consultative Selling?


Why Not Buying Website Traffic

Buying website traffic

The more website traffic the more people will know about your offerings and the higher likelihood to get leads from your website into your sales funnel.
You can purchase services from traffic wholesalers and instantly your web analytics will show a significant increase in the number of visitors. Additionally your website will be shown temporally higher in the search result pages on Google and Bing which is beneficial too for more traffic.

What kind of visitors ?

The visitors that normally visit your website through organic search or references are very likely potential buyers as they are looking with interest to find a solution for a problem or issue they have. These companies are probably the best leads you can have as they are currently interested.
However the visitors originating from the purchased traffic source are not interested and are not potential customers.

Bots instead of humans

In order to send traffic to your website some or many of these traffic wholesalers use a computer application to send you visitors. Thus instead of humans your visitors are bots, who certainly never ever buy.

Google and Bing vs buying traffic

Although initially there will be a better ranking for your website on the Search Engine Result pages due to the increase of traffic, the search engines disapprove buying traffic. Hence they will fight back and it is likely your website will be penalized by Google and Bing which will result in a much lower appearance in the Search Engine Result Pages. Both Google and Bing have created and developed sophisticated algorithms and methods to figure out if you are using traffic-building services or not.


Although buying website traffic will increase temporally your website traffic, it will bring hardly any additional leads as the visitors are not potential customers or not even human. Only the visitors originating by the temporally higher ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages could bring some additional leads.
However the penalization your website will endure by Google and Bing once they have found out you have been buying website traffic will result in much less leads as people will have a hard time to find your website on the search engines.

Did you ever buy website traffic ? What was the result ?


The Online Length Secrets Mastered

In order to catch the attention of people browsing and flipping through web pages, blogs or social media the length of the header and the length of the message or text is determined:
Headline scores the best at 6 words
Email subject-line of 28–39 characters have the highest click rates.
Title Tags of web pages should be 55 characters in order to avoid cut-off on the Search Engine Result Pages.
Domain names should be maximum 8 characters long according to Daily Blog Post.
Blog titles should be limited to 50 characters.
Blog post should be 1600 words long.
Tweets should be between 100 and 115 characters in order to be re-tweeted.
Facebook status length should be 40 characters.
Google+ headline should be less than 60 characters.
Paragraph width should be 40 to 55 characters.

Align to these rules and you should score well on the Internet.

Do you have any other guidelines for online length and sizes ?


Building online trust by the photo of the building ?

The early days of the company website

In the early days of the Internet, when companies just discovered the Internet and when Google was still a start-up, these companies didn’t know what to do with their web presence. What content to publish.
In order to confirm their existence in the virtual world they proof their physical presence by putting the image of their building (or buildings) on their website.

Large and tiny companies all have a website

Nowadays you cannot distinguish major companies from mini companies as a small company can have an impressive quality website with interesting content whereas the market leader can present itself with a mediocre website with plain vanilla content. Just the brand name will make the difference.
A website and content is all about time, investment, effort and dedication which both large and small companies can invest in.
Of course the larger companies are known for their brand name, but how to differentiate as a visitor between a medium sized and a small company in the same industry as they both can have an impressive website.

Website differentiators

Customer references and named case studies on a website are a big plus as it shows the legacy of the company. It is not just the references, but the effort and time put in to get these customers agree upon becoming a reference or a case study. Most customers don’t agree or won’t commit to become a reference or case study. So even a larger company can have less or no references or case studies on their website than their smaller competitor that just got lucky with a few customers that were willing to be a reference as the underdog can get more support or sympathy.

Showing the faces of the management team with their names and function will enhance the level of trust as these people aren’t hiding behind a company name. However small and medium sized companies all do have a management team and all can have great looking pictures of well dressed well behaved people. Thus again that won’t make the difference.

Putting the image of the building on your website can help to build additional trust, just like in the old days. Large building, especially nice looking, still impress people and show the importance or scale of the company. However it will not make your website interesting or bring content quality. The image of the building can help to generate some trust and convince certain decision makers / takers to be on the short list or to have a look into your proposition.

How do you achieve trust on your website ?


Are bots or people visiting your website ?

If 36% of all web traffic are bots then who is visiting your website ?
How can you know if bots or people are on your website ? Bots won’t ever buy anything from your company. People in companies will.

Even if your analytics software or service indicates a decent amount of traffic then what is the value if a large part are bots visiting. You should aim for real people traffic not bots.

In order to segregate real people from bots on your website you need a service that reveals the companies visiting your B2B website. Only then you will know if people really find your website interesting or if bots are just looking around on your website.

What about the traffic on your website ? Bots or people ?


Revealing the incognito visitors on your website

The unknown visitors

Most companies are investing, spending time and money to attract people to visit their website: SEO, SEM, paid links, advertising, paid search links, paid articles, blogs, tweets, press releases, … and have elaborated very attractive and informative websites.

In most cases marketing knows very well the sources from where their visitors are coming from, they have hardly know any of them by name or even by company they work for.
So why are all these companies spending huge amounts of money for getting people “in” but without any identification. It’s like giving a party for free after announcing the event on Facebook.

Contact details

People who want a free entry ticket for a trade show they need to give their contact details. Many have tried to obtain contact details on websites but people are clever enough by avoiding to give their real contact details. Instead free web mail addresses often with fake names are collected having almost no value at all.

Leap forward by identifying visitors

As website visitors have hardly any intention to disclose their identity, companies can only try to figure out who are the visitors. As a first step implementing a web service revealing the companies visiting, their interest and level of interest would be a gigantic step forward.

How successful is your website in generating leads?
What you are going to do to improve?


The Showroom Exploit

The Showroom visit

Although more info is to be found on the Internet about products or solutions, most people still prefer to see and touch the product physically before buying. They want to hold it, touch it , feel it, weigh it whatever and even listen to the sales pitch of the sales rep as that can hold additional useful information.

The Internet order

Once convinced of the product in the showroom nothing will obstruct or hinder the potential customer to get back to their office and order the same product online at the best price available on the Internet.
Your Sales rep has done his best to sell the product or solution but then they take advantage of the Internet in order to buy at the best price.
In most cases the vendors without a showroom and without a Sales rep are likely to have lower prices as they don’t have the overhead and fixed running costs.

The Sales rep action

Hence it seems in order to win the customer your Sales rep needs to make sure the potential customer doesn’t walk out of the door once he is convinced and decided on his purchase as you will not get a second chance on the Internet due to your higher sales price.
This is where the Sales rep needs to start playing the game of risk and uncertainty versus the Internet shops:
– Will the exact same product be available on the Internet ?
– Will the quality be exactly the same ?
– Will the product be in store ready to be shipped ?
– Will the shipping cost increase the price significantly ?
– Will the after service be easy to reach out and convenient ?

The ultimate action is calling the potential customer a few days later after he has left the showroom in the hope the customer hasn’t ordered online yet.

How many potential customers do visit your showroom ?


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