Top 16 To Keep Your Visitors Longer On Your Website

We all dislike high bounce rates. We want to keep our visitors as long as possible on our website and keep their interest. The longer – the more likely they will remember the company or brand or product or solution.

In order to make people stay longer consider some of these solutions and tricks:

1. Few fonts

Two or three fonts is considered as OK. More fonts will file your website as outdated. Too many fonts will clutter your webpages.

2. Large fonts

Too small font and a large population won’t be able to read it: visually impaired, elderly people (over 40 even), tired people.
At least 16 pixels or more for body copy as then the size compares to the size in a book or printed magazine taking into account the 23 to 28 inches distance from the display.

3. Remove clutter

When a visitor lands on a web page he will decide in less than 15 seconds to continue or to leave. If there is too much or too many things going on on a web page he will be confused and leave.

4. Small content blocks

If a block of content is to large, people will just read the first line and then start skipping lines. People on the Internet are impatient. You need to have consumable blocks of content.

5. Visual breaks

In order to break-up long content blocks, the use of:
– Headings
– Sub-headings
– Bulleted lists
– Numbered lists
will help and will also allow for people to quickly assume the content

6. Images of people

Adding images with people – especially faces will increase the stay on a web page or even increase the conversion rate. It makes your website more human and creates some kind of trustworthiness.

7. Avoid typical photographs

Be aware that the typical stock photographs are known and most people have seen them already. Hence you need original photos or “Photoshop” images in order to make them more unique or attractive.

8. Data and stats for brand recognition

Stories can be retold but is not often feasible as an audience is required.
Data and stats will be remembered and can easily be used in any related conversation in order to make the person interesting. Numbers or figures can be used quickly in order to grab the attention in a meeting or conversation. This person will have visited more than once and will remember your brand or company or product.

9. Data and stats for trust

Data and statistics will add trust to your website as it requires effort, time and money to generate or to collect data or stats.
People will find your website more interesting and it will add to the trustworthiness of your website and company.

10. Internal links

On each page or in each content part at least one link towards another page should be present. Preferably two or three links. These links can be anywhere on the page, but from the middle to the lower are more suitable as you have given them the time to grasp the main message of the first page.

11. Engage

If possible ask open questions and aim for people to answer or comment on your webpage. if the take time to create and type a reply they surely have given your question a thought which results in a longer stay and a higher likelihood of brand and company recognition.

12. External links to new pages

If you need to have external links on your website then they each should open on a new page. Opening on the same page over your website makes them leaving your website. Hence the visitor is lost.

13. Limited messages per page

Apparently people are capable of remembering only two or three messages. Hence you need to limit the number of messages on a webpage too as anything more will cause to forget all additional messages.

14. The Back button stopper

When people click on the back button they have decided to leave the page and website. The best solution is to have a pop-up window that asks a relevant question or refers a link to a possible interesting page that they haven’t visited previously. Chances are visitors will stay on your website by replying to the question or visiting the referred page.

15. Relevant content

Once landed on your website and with the knowledge of their search terms used or the referring website page, you could suggest in a pop-up relevant additional information or a link to a page containing such information.

16. Entertainment marketing

People like to be entertained. Your website could not only provide useful information and data but also some kind of entertainment in the form of textual, visual or video content. Chances are high that visitors will take the time for the entertainment resulting a longer stay on your website and more brand recognition.

How did you decrease your bonce rate ?


The Death Of Cold Calling Is Now

Once upon a time the daily work of salesmen and sales reps was to cold call a number of people on a list in order to present them a product or service and aiming to get an appointment.
Those days are gone.

As technology evolved a similar technique with faxes and emails has existed but these methods are also doomed.
The main reason lies in the fact that the cold calls are made without or with little information about the potential customer. Whether the customer really has a need or not the call was being made.

Nowadays there are a number of tools or services available that inform the salesman or sales rep about the interest, need or level of interest of a potential customer before any call or contact has been made:

Search Engines

Search engines are probably the main source for your website traffic. Most of these visitors having used a search engine are looking for a solution. The challenge is to get into contact with the visitor. One of the solutions is to install an online chat on your website which will allow the visitor to contact you without the need of leaving any (apparent) contact detail information which gives a level of freedom. The challenge is to turn the chat from an informative conversation into a conversation where the visitor exposes more information than he was intending to do. This will allow to stay in contact with the potential customer afterwards.

Website Contacts

It is rare but some people actually contact your company through the contact page on your website. Nothing easier than to start a conversation with them by email or telephone call.

Inbound Marketing

As all your Marketing communications and campaigns or Content Marketing should generate interest, these marketign efforts will persuade people contacting your company. Once a contact made then no cold is required anymore.

Social Media

Social media – especially LinkedIn – allows to post content which can trigger interest from potential customers. This can be by replies to the post or even direct contact by themselves.
The same can happen by just replying to posts of other people or companies which again triggers the interest of a potential customer resulting in a public conversation on the social media.
No cold calling involved as the salesman or sales rep is already in a conversation with the potential customer.

Website Visitors

In all your marketing communications your website is referred, which is likely to generate traffic on your website.
Companies that visit your website in search of a solution are likely to be potential customers. So if you have installed a web service that reveal the companies visiting with their interest and level of interest, then contacting these visiting companies is no longer real cold calling.

Cold Calling is death (or hardly existent)

Do you still Cold Call ?


Why The Salesman Needs The Cooperation Of The Prospect

Sales process and sub-goals

The sales process or sales cycle is flow of events and sub-goals which resembles the climbing of a huge mountain. These sub-goals are in-between successes – like reaching the camps on the mountain.
Although the entire sales cycle is one process, it has been chucked up into several stages just for administrative reasons:
– Initial contactSales cycle is like mountain climbing
– Lead stage
– Prospect stage
– First meeting stage
– Qualified prospect stage
– Follow-up meeting stage
– Proposal stage
– Negotiation stage
– The close
– The deal transaction
– The retention stage

Of course the most important stage is when the invoice gets paid !

No single sales cycle will go through these stages perfectly as there always will be deviations or retreats in the process.

Sales process stages characteristics

Although many steps have been defined with sub-goal achievements:
– None of these steps are equal
– The efforts required reaching each of the sub-goals are not equal
– The time required for each step may differ enormously: some can happen immediately others can take weeks, months, …
– It is the buyer who dictates the speed of the sales process
– The required participation or involvement of the potential customer is not equal neither

Synchronizing sales- and buyer process

This last one is most important as the sale needs a customer going through his buying cycle at the same time as the salesman. The salesman cannot move ahead without the buyer.
In real life no two processes will ever synchronize, there will be discrepancies between the efforts on the sales side and the efforts made or lacking efforts on the buyer side. Hence moving through the sales cycle stages can be painstaking slow.

A sales cycle can only move ahead if both the salesman and the potential customer reach the next sub-goal together. Both have to be involved and engaged.

Leader of the sales process

As the sales cycle should be compared to climbing a steep mountain with the salesman as the leader of the climb. In some cases important sales the sales manager takes the lead although he is not entirely involved in the process but involves and manages reaching the sub-goals. Still it is possible that during some stages the lead or prospect actually takes the lead in the climb as he is under pressure of getting a solution in place.

Retrograding sales process

However whenever there is a problem or an unexpected event occurs or new information comes to the deal, the climb can become a descend instead. This can happen it is required to have an assessment or aggregation at a previous stage.
In such case the prospect retrogrades or moves back to a previous stage, more work and effort lies ahead for the salesman or sales team. In most cases such a retrograding is due to one of the competitors.
The amount off effort the salesman then has to generate and put into the sales process can be huge as it will can stop the sales process for the vendor company.

Customer effort indicator

The best indicators of the commitment of the potential customer to buy is the amount of effort, time and interest the potential customer puts into his buying process.
In order to measure the commitment of your leads, prospects, potential customers and customers all companies should implement a website visitor revealing solution as in all cases people will visit your website. These solutions allow to retrieve and measure from your company website the amount of interest generated by the potential customer as they visit your company website for gathering additional information or want to verify your statement made during sales pitches and conversations.

How do you measure the involvement of your potential customers ?


What A B2B Website Really Needs For Lead Generation

All B2b companies have a website which has to support the sales team and should generate leads. However many websites will get traffic but don’t generate leads at all or very little.

So what is required for having a scoring B2B website ?

SEO Search Engine Optimization

B2B search is quite different from B2C. For a start the number of people searching is much lower but also have much more specific search phrases. In most cases the keyword string are much longer. Hence the SEO is different too.
Tips on SEO trends in 2015 video

Search display

As the searches are much more specific it is required to have matching subject text that is displayed on the search engine result page. Hence it is required to have at least one page for every different solution or part of solution you propose. Business people and employees are not going to waste their time on websites that doesn’t seem to correspond to their requirements on the search engine result page.

Expertise publishing

You need to publish content that demonstrates your expertise on the matters or solutions you tend or intend to solve. You should relate problems and solutions to the industries you are targeting selling to.
– Present the problems of your potential customers and the solutions you can bring
– One subject, solution or concept per page in order not to confuse visitors
– Optimize titles, descriptions and keywords per page (problem / solution)
– A White paper that can be downloaded per solution
– Additionally an RSS feed

Clear website structure

The menu items need to be structured efficiently and effectively allowing your visitors to find easily what they are looking for during their purchase process:
– Search: Finding their described problem
– Solution: Finding the solution to their problem
– Company evaluation: Finding the company information
– How to buy / where to purchase

Effective Calls-To-Action

Without Calls-To-Action the visitor is less likely to take any action.
– More visible or prominent Call-To-Action button placement
– Multiple and different Call-To-Action
– Different levels of engagement: “Contact Us”, “Newsletter Subscription”, “Price Quote”, “Download White Paper”, “Webinar Sign-up”, “Podcast”,…

Missed visitors

Even the best designed websites will still have a large percentage of visitors who don’t take any action. In general only 2 to 3% of all visitors will contact you. In order to improve this low score you should install a web service that reveals the companies visiting and what they were looking for.
This will allow your sales teams to contact the visiting companies with a suiting message according what they where looking for.

Response control

Incredible or not but a large quantity of web leads just get lost as they remain unanswered. So make sure you have a system in place for follow-up on each inquiry that is being received.

How is your website scoring in lead generation ?


Why do people still buy contact lists ?

Quality over quality

In an Marketing era ruled by Content Marketing and Social Media, Marketers are still buying lists from list vendors. Instead of buying extensive lists like they did 10 years ago, marketers now seem to buy more targeted and thus less populated lists: seems quality rules over quantity.

Listing success

However chances of addressing an interested party remains low as the message needs to be appropriate and addressing the problems that they currently have. Thus person, problem, timing all have to match which drives down the chances of success considerably.


Wouldn’t it more successful of addressing only those people in companies that have visited your website and have shown interest by multiple people from this company for a defined issue they have or solution you offer. Likelihood of success should be much higher as you eliminate timing, message and problem for your marketing action. This can be easily done using web services that reveal the companies visiting, their interest and their level of interest in your products or solutions.

No Cure – No Pay lists

Still how well targeted the purchased list is, there is no guarantee from the list vendor for success as he only delivers the list. The vendor takes no risk. In other businesses the rule ‘No Cure – No Pay’ is being used. This could be applied for buying lists from list vendors too by paying them a commission whenever a sales deal is closed or when a first sales meeting is organized.
This would certainly changed the business of buying lists as the list vendors become involved.

Why do you still buy contact lists?


What do you tell during a cold call ?

Interesting the callee with cold calling

The main issue of cold calling is to come with a subject and a message that will interest the person your are calling.
If you don’t embark on a subject that the callee doesn’t interest, your phone call is likely to be short and the callee might even be annoyed.

Where to get the cold call message?

So you have two cases:
– You are capable of telepathy
– You dispose of information and intelligence

As probably most of sales people aren’t gifted with telepathy, they need to rely upon information and intelligence. These can come from peers and people who know inside information of the company you are cold calling which is probably the best but is also very limited in number of occurrences.

Insight resources

In some cases LinkedIn can give you some indications and information from the comments in discussion, but that remains a limited information source.

In order to have truly insight in what companies and people of companies are looking for or what bothers them for solving their problems, often your company website can provide sufficient information and intelligence. Using a web service that reveals the companies visiting and what they are looking for or researching on your website will provide you with ample information and intelligence about each of the visiting companies.
You will know:
– The search terms used for each visit
– The pages visited
– The film of the pages visited
– The the pages visited the most
– The pages visited the longest
All for every single visit someone from the company makes.
This will allow you to prepare a suiting conversation that will interest the callee as it will be a hot subject in the company.

How do you prepare for a cold call ?


Are bots or people visiting your website ?

If 36% of all web traffic are bots then who is visiting your website ?
How can you know if bots or people are on your website ? Bots won’t ever buy anything from your company. People in companies will.

Even if your analytics software or service indicates a decent amount of traffic then what is the value if a large part are bots visiting. You should aim for real people traffic not bots.

In order to segregate real people from bots on your website you need a service that reveals the companies visiting your B2B website. Only then you will know if people really find your website interesting or if bots are just looking around on your website.

What about the traffic on your website ? Bots or people ?


The Ten Reasons Why Your Website Is Key For Success

All companies have or should have a website for several reasons which all attribute to your success:

1. Discovery:
When people are looking for solutions to business or company problems and issues they will be enlightened by discovering your offering as it adds another solution or an alternative solution to their list.

2. Findability:
Not getting found on the Internet is the worst that can happen as it will leave the potential customer wondering why. Is the company too small to have a website. Is the company (getting) out of business?

3. Website off line:
The immediate or obvious reaction is that the company is out of business, which can only be verified by calling the company.

4. Trustworthy:
Trust in your company can be maintained or enhanced by being able to visit the website and getting confirmation on the already received information.

5. Craving knowledge:
As your website supplies ample information the need for craving knowledge will be satisfied.

6. Conversion:
All visitors have the possibility to eventually convert into customers. The website will play a major role in this before, during and after the purchase process.

7. Contact details:
The website provides contact details: email address or telephone number

8. Location:
For certain people the location of the company in certain cities or neighborhoods of cities are an indication of the success of the company.

9. Worldwide or countrywide presence:
As your website will list the office locations it will enhance the image of your company.

10. Management:
As management is/should be presented on the website it will give a face to the company and more identification.

How essential is your website for your business ?


Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Free Stock Images

Human images create website value

Website visitors are influenced by the visual aspects of your website. Using a picture of a woman or man on your website renders your website more human. Preferably images with the person looking into the lens. As the picture seems to create a relationship with the visitors people are more likely to start getting interested. These images will create value for your website and business.

Free stock images

However when you use free stock images on your website chances are they have been overly used and your visitors will recognize them. Thus instead of increasing the value of your website the free stock pictures will decrease it as they don’t create the relationship.

These are some typical examples that appear on many websites:
Stock images

Although these are good picture of cute women/girls – Don’t use them as they won’t bring visitors to call upon your company or services.

It is very likely these pictures will be used on more websites which even decreases further the value.

There are four possibilities:
– Use stock images and pay the fee
– Use images you have shot yourself
– No pictures with people as you can’t afford them (unlikely)
– No pictures as you can’t create quality pictures and can’t afford it.

How human is your website ?
How did you make your website build relationship with the visitors ?


Getting leads for your reseller channel

Selling through distributors and resellers has a major issue as the interested parties will visit the website of the manufacturer while searching for information to solve their problem but then they will not or only briefly visit the website of their local reseller.
Hence the potential customers are on the website of the manufacturer but the reseller don’t get any chance to contact these leads.
Moreover only the really interested parties will contact the reseller or the manufacturer by email or web-form.

In order to increase the number of leads for the resellers the sole solution is to have the companies visiting the website of the manufacturer revealed and identified their interest in products with their level of interest. This will allow qualifying the visiting companies as leads which can be passed on to the appropriate reseller by geography or specialization. Hence your resellers will be able to contact these qualified leads in order to increase the funnel which eventually results in more sales deals closed.
As during the purchase process the potential customers will revisit the manufacturers’ website the resellers can be kept up-to-date about these visits as an indication of interest level.

How do you generate leads for your resellers ?


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