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The role of company website in Lead generation and Sales

Two current trends:

  • The success of “Push” email marketing is coming to an end.
  • The growth of “Pull” of the company website – Pull marketing (Inbound).

As in B2B business the Internet and company websites have become an important source of data, knowing who is visiting the website is valuable information for both:

Before or during any business deal the website of your company gets visited by the potential customer by one or several people, including competition.
As such the website has obtained an important role in the lead generation and sales process.

Discovering and identifying leads and customers on your website

LEADSExplorer reveals the company names of the visitors, the geographic location and the language they use.
The qualification of the visiting companies as leads becomes possible by using website data (pages visited, time on pages, returning visits, unique visitors, overview of company visits) combined with Internet information.

In order to follow up on these newly fond leads, the seamless integrated CRM permits to find additional information on the company, contacts and even finding contacts using Internet Data mining.
This allows for cold calling on warm companies (leads).

As the website data flows continuously into the CRM, further lead qualification and lead scoring can be done by analyzing visually the communications with the lead and their website visits using the Activity chart by company.
This allows adjusting the communication messages by knowing their interests or change in interest, for lead and customer nurturing.
LEADSExplorer is a powerful exploration marketing and sales environment and source of information for both lead generation and selling.

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