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Cold Calling overcoming the objections

  • Sales people have many objections against cold calling
  • Using LEADSExplorer:
    • Limit your efforts to interested parties only
    • Increase success rate
    • Know what they are looking for
    • Be informed before you call
    • Takes away the cold calling fear of rejection
  • Track your calls by the subsequent visits on the website

Cold calling is the process of approaching prospective customers or clients, via telephone, who were not expecting such an interaction.
A cold call gives a salesperson the chance to a remote personal visit over the telephone to somebody they don't know, for the purpose of selling that person something.

Reach potential customers early in their buying process

The sales cycle can often be long and complicated. B2B marketers face the fact that people are conducting product searches at the beginning of the buying cycle. Reality is, your customers are looking for your product information way before they are ready to convert.
You have to be there early!
The website visitor identification service LEADSExplorer allows you to be the first.
And the first vendor, which presented himself, they will always remember.

Decision points:

Many decisions need to be made for a series of Cold Calls. 
For many of these decisions, LEADSExplorer provides information or suggest an answer.


Cold Calling without a method and preparation will be un professional and less successful. Using LEADSExplorer will help you to achieve better results.

Overcoming the objections with LEADSExplorer:

Limit Cold Calling efforts
You can limit your efforts to companies who have visited your website, thus have shown their interest: Warm Companies.
This will increase significantly the Lead Generation success rate and decrease Prospecting costs significantly.
Cold calling upon warm companies has a high success rate.

Know their Interest in:
LEADSExplorer will reveal Products, Services or solutions by:

  • Pages visited
  • Search terms used by visitor
  • Search terms used aggregated by company

Visit qualification
From the page or pages visited or the (lacking) number of returning visits, the visiting companies can be ranked in importance.

Find contacts:
Possible contacts can be found by Internet Data Mining embedded in LEADSExplorer.

Be informed and have knowledge about:
- The Company
- The Contact to be called

Take away the FEAR:
Maybe one of the biggest benefits of all: as the success rate is higher, less fear for rejection and being turned down will be significantly lower.

LEADSExplorer provides a Lead Follow-up and tracking system:
Just calling is not enough, as one needs to track the calls:
- The person called
- The message
- The response
- The action to be taken by a due date

Download white paper: "Why you should be Cold Calling 2.0 upon website visitors"

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     You want:

The facts the callee wants to know from the cold caller.
Due to the intrusiveness of the cold call, it is experienced as an interruption of the work.
Place yourself in the position of the callee for the kind of answers or answers to expect. More

Improve your sales success by preparing your cold call.
The success of a cold call starts with the preparation.
Investigate in the company and the person to be called. More