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Cold call on warm companies

Visiting companies are already interested

Browse through your visiting companies in the web application or the reports. Select companies showing high level of interest: search terms used, #pages visited, #returning visits.
Once you have found an interesting visiting company then find contacts within the company using the searches in the web service or by Googling, then you can cold call or email them.

This Cold Calling is like using a sniper rifle instead of shooting with a machine gun (mass direct mailing campaign) at your market.

Cold call leads early in their buying cycle

In B2B people are conducting product or services searches at the beginning of the buying cycle by searching the Internet.
Your prospects are investigating for your product or services information long before they are ready to convert. They are the visitors on your website.
Reach potential customers early in their decision process.

Subject of the message: suiting their interest

Using the knowledge of:

  • The interest of the company visitors: pages visited, search terms used
  • The detailed information and the background of the company
  • Personal interests of each of the addressed people within the company

You will be able to write the best suited or most convincing message, as you will give the impression to understand their problem.

No rejection fear

As you will address the person with a matter that has the interest of the company, he will be interested and discuss.
Thus no more rejection fear !

More effective cold calls - More sales

Your efforts will be more effective and likely give a high success rate as the company has shown interest in your products or solutions

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