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Conversations versus Campaigns

  • Marketing campaign messages are generic in order to fit many potential customers
  • In B2B personalized messages are required
  • Even better is having conversations
  • Using LEADSExplorer information you can deliver:
    • Suiting / appropriate content
    • Timely
    • Matching their business
  • Appropriate conversations reduce cost ownership customer

Marketing campaigns can and will drive visitors and customers to your website, who can be used for your Lead generation. Once they have found your website, a conversation should be started instead of more campaigns.

The problem with Marketing campaigns is that they are generic messages and should fit a large amount of potential buyers. These campaigns can be included together with the advertising, the Newsletters or even the RSS feed.

However B2B business prefers or requires personalized messages or conversations, not generic messages send out in bulk.

Conversations have more impact than campaigns as:
“76% B2B customers surveyed reported they frustrated with sales people that don’t understand their business” - Reed Elsevier Research - A study of 23,000 B2B buyers.

Defining messages or conversations for building Relations

Thanks to the information provided by LEADSExplorer, once the company has visited the website, it will be possible to adjust the communication / conversation message to the officers and decision makers:
  • The Content:
    • Having the appropriate content as you know their interest from the pages visited and the search words used, both aggregated by company:
  • Timely:
    • As the visits are registered and reported in real time, the message or conversation can also be send at the very best moment
  • Matching their Business:
    • Putting the message or content into relation with their business, as you can investigate on the company with the Internet Data Mining tools provided by LEADSExplorer.
People prefer to talk about their needs and their problems.
By focussing on the need of others you will:
  • Create affinity
  • Establish credibility
  • Start the persuasive process (of selling)

Appropriate conversations reduce cost ownership Customer

As each communication or conversation is registered as an event in the contact history (event log) of the Lead Follow-up System, these conversations and the reactions they generate on the web site can easily be followed up on the Activity chart by Company.

Obtaining the appropriate conversation at the appropriate moment with your potential customer will significantly increase the chance of winning the sales. At the same time this will increase your revenue or decrease your expenses or lower the total cost of ownership of the customer.

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