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The crucial node of lead generation: the website

  • All your marketing efforts point at your website:
    • Internet Marketing lead generation
    • Conventional lead generation
    • Business Decision Makers gather information on the Internet and your website
  • Contact data capturing on website is not efficient: only 2-3 % of all visitors
  • You lose up to 97% upfront
  • Requirement of a website lead capturing system
  • Discovering your business visitors by company name and their interest

All these new Internet Marketing forms and channels have one thing in common: in almost all cases they point to the Company’s website, generating visits on the website.
At the same time the conventional lead generation methods will guide and bring the interested parties also to your website, as all Marketing publications and communications carry the company’s website name.

So eventually all these efforts and events on the Internet and all the conventional advertising and promotion campaigns or events, all result in one or more visits on the Company website.

It is a fact; all Business Decision Makers will gather their information on the Internet using the Search Engines, as these Search Engines have turned the Internet into a 24 x 7 Trade Show.

The company website not solely provides for the information to the visitors, but also has become the place to measure the Marketing efforts using web analytics. Thus website has become the crucial node of Marketing already.
And now the website should become the crucial node for lead generation too, as all potential customers visit the website:

  • Internet Marketing lead generation                 -> website
  • Conventional lead generation                          -> website
  • Business Decision Makers gather information  -> website

However the currently used method of capturing contact data:

  • by forms
  • by registering for White Paper downloads
  • by direct contact from the website

This will only capture 2% or 3% of all visitors. This is not the best method for leads generation: missing 97% or more of your opportunities is not exactly what you want.

Thus an additional functionality for your website is required:

Lead Generation & Website role

Presentation to be viewed at:  slideshare   or   Scribd

Website Visitor capturing system

Thus an additional functionality for your website is required.
The website needs to be enhanced with a tool for capturing the website visitor, aiming at the 97%. Such a tool should be capable of discovering all or most business visitors, with the advantage operating for all sources or origins of the visitor.
This latter is required, as there are too many sources for providing visitors on the Internet and too many sources for providing visitors beyond the Internet from the real world also exist, sending visitors from conventional marketing methods.
Having just one tool for all is most practical in order to keep an overview and all in the same environment.

The requirement of capturing all business visitors, independently from their origin, eliminates the “Email Initiated Visitor Tracking” tools and systems, as they can only recognize the visitors pushed to the website by emails.

Reduce your lead generation costs significantly

A tool capable of discovering business visitors should reduce your lead generation costs significantly, as it:

  • Works universally across all channels involved with your website as the crucial node
  • Will be active 24 x 7
  • Is an automated service with a low amount of human involvement required
  • Limits your further required efforts as only the visiting Companies needs to be addressed for Leads Generation
Such a tool is LEADSExplorer.

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Although the website has become the crucial node in all marketing, it can act as a vacuum cleaner or as fishing net for catching your leads.
Whatever type of website you have, in the end the getting customers is the real thing.