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Cold calling decision points

  • Decision points: prepare your calls
    • Goal of call
    • The message
    • Message style
    • Timing
  • Tracking your called contacts on the website as visitors
  • All supported by LEADSExplorer

Setting up for Cold Calling requires several decision points:

  • The calling list of companies
    The company selection: those who have visited your website
    Simple: they are probably interested.
  • The number of people to call in one company
    To be defined by yourself.
  • Who to call in a company?
    Managers, Directors, VITO: find contacts and information on people using LEADSExplorer

The goal of the call

This can be:

  • Awareness of product.
  • To be allowed to send leaflets/product sheet.
  • To be allowed to send email.
  • To "Simply" build a relationship.
  • To get an appointment.

Sources: From the visited pages and the search terms used, the interest can be defined and thus the goal of the call.

The Message

Subject with the 30 second pitch, and containing benefits and advantages.
Can all be based upon knowledge of :

  • Company information and data retrieved from the Internet with LEADSExplorer.
  • Interest shown by the pages visited

Style of the message

  • Feature rich
  • Inquiry style
  • Conversation
Useful data can be retrieved from the pages visited and the search terms used:
  • By visitor
  • Aggregated by Company

The open ended questions

Using information retrieved from the Internet Data Mining, will help you to define and pose the open ended questions.

The timing

By the indication of the time of the previous visits, the best time during the day can be selected.

The budget and priority

Without a priority or a budget, no sales will ever happen: a question to be asked.
Using knowledge about the company, the previous expenses and investments can be estimated.

A tracking system

Just calling is not enough, al calls and missed calls needs to be tracked:

  • The person called
  • The message
  • The response
  • The action to be taken by a due date

Methodology is required for Cold Calling
Cold Calling

Download white paper here: "Why you should be Cold Calling 2.0 upon website visitors"

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You are wasting your time by blind cold calling.
Instead call interested parties: less rejection fear.
Call on warm companies: those who have visited your website. More

Who should you call: the manager or the CEO?
This decision depends on the importance of your proposition for the company, the size and the industry.
The larger the deal , the higher in the hierarchy. More