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Discover your website visitors

In DISCOVER of the web service you will find visitors:

  • By company name
  • By used ISP name with an indication of the company name: lookup using Google search link
  • By ISP only: use the additional "Whois" link
  • Additional information:
    • Location
    • Time zone
    • Language
Visitor identification by company name

By company name

In most cases the website domain name is displayed too.
Ff not by using the embedded Google search button on the detail page you will find the link to the company website.

By ISP name with an indication of the company name

Using the embedded “Google” search button on the details page you will find the links to the company in directories or the company website.

By ISP only

Use the “Whois” button on the details page in order to seek for company name or the person who has registered the website.
In some cases the person who has registered the website will reveal the company as you will know the address, telephone number or even the email address which contains the company website domain name.

If you are not able to find the company because of multiple possibilities, then there are two important indicators:

  • The country
  • The language
  • The Time zone of the visitor PC:
    The time zone of the visitor PC indicating the geographic location: Western Europe, Atlantic North America, Eastern Australia, Malaysia.
    These will help you to narrow down on the number of possible companies.
    Additionally the “Whois” information can provide other clues.


If not any of the above, then the IP address lookup can bring a clue about the person of the visiting company.

Complete company information

Once you have found the company and the company website, you will be able to:

  • Enter the business activity or write a reminder about the company in the memo field.
  • Enter the address

If you have noticed anything particular about the visitor, you can nickname him.

If you know exactly who is visiting (by email, white paper download or completed an online form), then you can identify the visitor in the application.
Learn how the application or you can identify the visitor by name.

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