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Explore B to B leads and Monitoring customer retention

Lead & customer nurturing

  • The visitor you have qualified as lead
  • The customer you have spotted on your website

Leads and customers needs to be tracked and nurtured.
The nurturing needs to be monitored in order to know the effect of nurturing.

It is important to know when to contact which lead or client and when? as they don't want to be interrupted unneccesary.

Customer Retention

After finding your customers on your website you need to monitor your customer retention.

LEADSExplorer allows you to:

  • Finding additional contacts
  • Analyzing visually their visit frequency
  • Seeing interaction of communications and visits

For exploring your leads and monitoring your customer retention.

Reach and convert web traffic for sales
Customers in Lead Follow-up Receive alerts Caller ID Company activity
Register customer companies Customer visits again Improve customer retention Analyze communications and visits Communications
Connect clients
with visitors
Email when they visit again Caller ID
if visiting again
Analyze visits
& communications

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