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Identify interests visitors

Know interests for your products or services in real-time

  • Interest by Internet origin:
    • Referring website
    • search terms used
  • Visit data: which pages and time on pages
  • Returning visitors

Knowing the interest of your visitor and the company business will allow you to decide if this company is interesting enough to follow-up or not.

LEADSExplorer provides all possible information about the visits and enables easy lookup for company information on the Internet.

Even Knowing the name of the visitor is possible.

Interest of visitor in real-time

In order to know the interest of the visitor, you will see the website visit data:

  • Time and date of visit
  • Country (of Internet connection: this can be the ISP location)
  • Language used

How did the visitor find the website?

  • The search terms used
  • The originating website
  • Direct hit: the visitor entered the website directly in his browser.

Aggregated visit data:

  • Number of pages
  • Total time spend on website
  • Total number of visits by this visitor

Detailed visit information:

“Visits by Visitor” gives a list of the different visits chronologically with the basic data:
Date and time - Source or origin of visit - Time on website - Number of pages

The interest in your products or services.

Then for each of the visits of the visitor you can view the pages visited by page name including thumbnails of each page.

The pages visited can be sorted:

  • Chronological
  • Longest first: the page that has been visited the longest displayed first
  • View time: the page that has received the most total view time first

During a visit, people do return to the same page as they find it the most interesting.
The products or services they find most interesting

Visits by company/ISP:

Additionally for each visiting company the same visit data is available for all their unique visitors.

Improve prospecting, lead generation and nurturing

As you know their interest personalized and timely messages can be communicated for improved prospecting, lead generation and nurturing.

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