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Lead Acquisition and Distribution

  • Visitors qualified as leads are attributed to a salesman
  • Customer visiting the website will trigger alert and information to salesman
  • Lead acquisition: reach leads early in their buying process: when they visit
  • Focus your sales efforts: increase efficiency
  • Reduce lead acquisition costs

Lead Distribution

Using LEADSExplorer all opportunities are attributed to a salesman:

  • Leads are discovered and automatically inserted into the Lead System
  • Customers having opportunities are entered in the lead follow-up system for further nurturing

Using the information from the pages visited, the search words used, the appropriate salesman of a sales or product division can be selected.
Additionally using the geographic origin of the visitor, the salesman of this geography can be attributed.

The salesman doesn’t need to be from your company, but can also be from an affiliated sales office, or a salesperson of your distributors or resellers.
Of course, if people outside your organization need to use the system, it is required they have a user name and password in order to have access to the LEADSExplorer system using their browser.

Lead Acquisition: reach leads early in their buying process

Formerly lead generation could start with an inquiry from a potential customer by mail, email, telephone or from an event like a Trade show, in most cases with a complete data set: Company name, Contact names, function and address or telephone number or email.

By using the Visitor Discovery website tool of LEADSExplorer, a lead will start with the Company name, country, city or area location, geographical time zone and website.
The exact address, telephone numbers and in some cases email addresses of the company can easily be retrieved from their website.  
In case a company has offices throughout the world, the system will indicate the continent using the office time zone of the visitor. By elimination the office location can be allocated.

Of course, if the visitor doesn’t submit his email address during his visit, the tool is not capable of identifying the unique visitor by name.
However: more data can be added and retrieved in order to help:

  • Every unique visitor can be Nicknamed for easier recognition and marking his characteristics within his nick name.
  • Using the supplied Internet Data Mining tools, contacts and contact detail can be obtained.
  • As the interest of the company is defined by the aggregated data of pages, search words used, the specific department can be identified, narrowing down the number of possible people to contact.
  • Also your product offering is probably related to a limited number of departments in a company.

This will give you a first possible entrance in the company.

So instead of cold calling a large number of people in an industry or sending out massive amount of emails to a certain industry, your efforts can be focused on:

  • One visiting company
  • One department in the company
  • One plant or office as defined by the geographic information
  • The VITOs (Very Important Top Officers) of the company

Thus limiting significantly the amount of communications, time and efforts spend to contact the right person in a company.
All Salesmen will love this solution, as it lowers their number of cold calls significantly.

In case the visiting company is already known, like:

  • Customer
  • Ex-Customer
  • Missed Customer
  • Target Lead

the contacts are already in your lead follow-up system. And every of their visits will be registered by LEADSExplorer.

Reduce Lead Acquisition Costs

Moreover thanks to the knowledge of pages visited and search terms used by the Company, the communication or conversation message employed will be appropriate and timely thanks to the real-time reporting of the application.

This targeted and focused communication towards interested companies should lower your Lead Acquisition costs significantly, as you will target only those companies interested on the very moment of interest.
Also this method, using LEADSExplorer, will significantly increase the chances (probability) of having a positive response from any one in the Company, as the problem can be a hot topic for the Company.

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