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Lead Management

  • Each lead should be identified in the Lead Follow-up System
  • Lead scoring to differentiate the importance
  • Lead qualification based upon pages visited and activity chart of all company visits
  • Better information of lead (visits and interests) leads to better lead management
  • Reducing lead management costs
Get lead management for every lead, customer and visitor on your website

Lead Qualification – Sales funnel

In the Lead Follow-up System, each Lead should be attributed:

  • a project name
  • a contact name
  • a value for the project
  • a due date
  • the chance (probability) to win
  • Events in the contact history

Using Lead Scoring, a method of classifying sales opportunities, all leads have to be qualified in order to rank them. This will allow to only focusing on those who are really interesting or the most interesting Leads.

The Lead Qualification values should be added up (value times probability) to provide a good estimation of the complete funnel for a Salesman, Sales team and the Company.

Lead Management – Pipeline Management

The lead qualification is not solely intended to measure the funnel, but has many more purposes for lead and pipeline management.
Qualifying leads will allow to query and to investigate, where to put most efforts. Your Salesmen and Sales team are the most expensive employees and their efforts and time need to be optimized. Also the future of the company is directly linked to heir success.

Lead Qualification combined with Activity Charts
By analyzing the frequency of visits or the frequency changes of visits on the Activity Charts, compared and combined with the value of the project and the chance of winning, the amount of efforts should to be attributed certain prospects.
Lead Management: Good value projects, with low chance to win, but having high frequency of visits, should be revisited and the chance of winning re-estimated.
Regular overviews of activity of visits and the number of communications towards the potential buyer by sales and marketing will reveal:

  • Intensively worked prospects
  • Prospects where the efforts are lagging behind the frequency and time spend of visits.

Allowing you to take action.

Reducing Lead Management costs

As the web site is the crucial node, and all efforts of Marketing and Sales are entered into the Lead Follow-up System, the efforts and reactions of the visitors are almost immediately measurable. This provides a unique tool for optimizing Sales and Marketing.
The combination of Qualification and Activity Charts allow optimizations. This should lead to significantly reducing the lead generation and management costs.

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