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       Know the companies interested in your products from your website X   -   Let clicks become leads ! X
Get the customer before your competion does - Turn anonymous traffic into sales - Accellerate your lead generation
Sell more effectively than ever - Who is browsing your website - Turn unknown B2B visitors into business leads

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Get company names of your website visitors for:

Online B2B Lead Generation

Customer acquisition B to B

      Providing website visitor identification without online contact form
  • Without any previous emailing
  • Without any registration by the visitor !
  • Identifying anonymous visitors

Why ?
Only 2 to 3% of all your visitors will ever contact you or complete an online form !
You are missing 97% of your potential website leads upfront.

How to improve lead acquisition?

Email your visiting companies

Browse and select

You can browse your visitors and select those who you find interesting. Their level of interest is shown by an interest level indicator.
Further information by visiting company is provided about their business, website, location and their visit data: pages visited, returning visits, ...

Find contacts
The predefined searches on the company name (Internet, LinkedIn, Jigsaw, Spoke, Zoominfo) will guide you to find contact names and email addresses.

Quickly email visiting companies
Using the email facility allows you to quickly send a personalized email from a series of emails you have previously created.

Cold call on interested companies without rejection fear

Companies that visit re interested in your products or services.
The search terms used combined with the pages visited indicate their interest in products or services.
This allows you cold calling on the visiting companies without rejection fear as you will present and discuss topics and matters that they interest.

visiting companies

All data generated: contact person, email address, email event, email is stored in the Lead Follow-up System SALESTractor for further use.

Browse companies Information Thumbnail pages Qualify as lead
Discover companies World location - visit data Know visitor interest Cold calling efficiently
Discover them
on your website
Visit analytics
Company data
SEE their interest
by pages visited
Qualify and save
Cold call - email

Turn web visitors into Sales Leads

Leads: contact knowing their interest - Customers: call when interested - Ex-customers: contact again

You will reach prospects early in their buying cycle.
Why wait until leads contact you as prospects have already visited your website?
True Inbound Marketing

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White paper: Leads Leads cost comparison White paper.

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