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Methodology and Preparation

Cold call: The personal visit by telephone

A cold call gives a salesperson the chance to a remote personal visit over the telephone to somebody they don't know, for the purpose of selling that person something.

This requires the preparation of the call:

  • The selection of the person to be called: using the Internet information resources provided by LEADSExplorer.
  • The information of the person: using the Internet information resources provided by LEADSExplorer.

The personal message

Based upon the above information, the sharing of information between both called and called person.

  1. The mindset
    Get into their mindset by investigating on their behavior, their interests and achievements.
    Use LEADSExplorer to explorer on the person to be contacted.

  2. The unique selling proposition
    Try to identify the core problem before making the call, where your solution can bring the best benefits and advantages.
    The message needs to be tied to their business needs.

  3. Message has to be personalized for Decision maker:
    The call has to be personal for the Decision maker.
    So mention or show clearly your research on the Decision maker (provided by LEADSExplorer).
    Highlighting a triggering event and reference a referral.

  4. They and their company are important
    It is not your company or solutions, services or products, it is their company who needs and gets the attention.
    Focus on their issues, concerns, problems and challenges found by using LEADSExplorer Internet Data Mining, will allow you to link and match the solutions you provide, with tangible benefits.

  5. Short understandable message.
    Your pitch may take only about 30 seconds, just to indicate about the subject and a hint about the benefit.

  6. Start a conversation.
    Your main goal is to engage decision makers in a discussion, not into a sales talk one way information stream.
    In order to do this, they have to give them something they can respond to.

  7. Open ended questions
    Using information retrieved from the Internet with LEADSExplorer could help to pose better open ended questions.
    Invite them to a webinar (web seminar).
    Inform them about an information resource on your website.
    Focus on creating the dialogue.

  8. Identify the level of need

  9. Identify the budget availability

Decision points for Cold Calling
Cold Calling

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