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Monitoring of lead and customer nurturing

Nurturing for building relationship

In the complex sale much of the activity happens even before the actual sale or even without the sales person present: the lead nurturing.
Lead nurturing is having a conversation or dialog with potential customers, viable prospects or customers regardless of their timing to buy.
The goal is to build a trusted relationship with them.

A lead nurturing program can consist of: letters, emails, web casts, white papers, events and articles about case studies, success stories, product presentations that are meaningful to your potential customers or current customers.

Monitoring nurturing

Due to the many communication channels used in lead nurturing it is a complex process that is difficult to monitor. This is the reason for LEADSExplorer to offer a lead nurturing monitoring system using the Activity Charts.

Activity website and communications Top: visits
Indication of visit frequency and intensity
Bottom: communications
Red communications in
Blue: your communications

The Activity Charts combine:

  • The exchanged communications and the meetings
  • Together with the visit activity of the lead or customer.

These charts allow to visually analyzing the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts for lead nurturing and enable to adjust your messages as you will know what works and what has no impact.

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