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Nurturing monitoring - Sales process support

  • Nurturing support during sales process by your website
  • The website allows you getting leads through your funnel
  • Monitor your buyers on your website during their decision purchase process
  • See increase or decrease of interest level during nurturing
  • LEADSExplorer supports your sales process

How your website can provide support during the sales cycle

Most sales and marketing tools are intended for lead generation.
However once the lead has appeared, recognized and has been identified, it needs to be passed through a sales process or funnel.
During the passage through the funnel leads will be nurtured and contacted. Even with all the efforts to keep the lead a large part will disappear and be missed.

Nurturing Leads through the funnel

Generating leads is important, but moving them efficiently through the sales funnel or sales process is even more beneficial. Especially seen the high cost of lead acquisition.

All efforts and nurturing actions in order to keep the lead and move him to a buying decision are communications using many different channels: email, letters, telephone, meetings, events, ...

Buyers visit website during purchase process

As proven by the research of MillwardBrown for Google, people will visit your website throughout the entire sales process: their buying process.
Thus each communication with your lead can initiate a visit to your website.

Activity website and communications Top: visits
Indication of visit frequency and intensity
Bottom: communications
Red communications in
Blue: your communications

Keeping an eye on the reactions upon your communications and analyzing the increase or decrease in the amount of traffic for every lead is an important for managing your nurturing in order to keep your lead and convert the lead into sales.

This is how LEADSExplorer provides support during the sales process.

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