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Lead Nurturing and Customer Retention

  • Lead nurturing:
    • Optimizing mind share with potential customers
    • Develop a relationship as a “trusted advisor”
  • Lead nurturing will result in more website visits: know about these visits
  • Due to better knowledge of prospect you will have lower nurturing costs
  • Increase customer retention by visit information by customer
  • Increase nurturing and customer retention - reducing operating costs

Lead Nurturing and Cultivating of Leads

For Lead nurturing and cultivating of leads, sales skills are highly required.
The goal of nurturing and cultivating leads is:

  • Optimizing mind share with potential customers
  • Develop a relationship as a “trusted advisor”

This comes down to all kinds of communications, which can be: from emails, letters, newsletters to telephone calls, or whatever is appropriate and suits your needs:

  • Press Releases
  • Case Studies
  • Success Stories
  • Solution “sell sheets” and Overviews
  • White Papers
  • Direct Mail
  • Newsletter
  • Events
  • Web seminars
  • Workshops

Once you have found a contact within an organization, and start communicating, this likely will result in more website visits.
If the visitor has visited before, you will see appearing the previously attributed Nickname again.
If it is a different person, a new Nickname should be given.

During Lead Nurturing by conversations, some or all of the Nicknamed visitors will become known and real contact names can be attached to them.

As all communications must be entered in the contact history of the Lead Follow-up System as events with their planned action (tasks), and afterwards the related visits are captured automatically on the same system, the interaction can easily be used for further nurturing the lead.
Nurturing the lead into a prospect by carefully and skillfully adjusting the message to their needs, and bringing forward those features and benefits best suited to their requirements or their company culture.
Not immediately something to automate, but requires skills, knowledge and information based upon the reactions represented by the website visits by frequency and intensity.

Lower Lead nurturing costs due to better knowledge of Prospect

Using LEADSExplorer the nurturing process will be executed more efficiently thanks to the knowledge of:

  • Visits of Prospect
  • Interaction: communications and conversations with Prospect
  • Resulting visits after interactions
  • Frequency and intensity of visits by Company
  • All monitored on the Activity Charts

Due to the better knowledge of the Prospects, this will result into lower nurturing costs.

Customer Retention

Customer Retention can be seen as further Nurturing and Cultivating of leads, with one difference: the Customer already uses one of your solutions or one of your products.
Again this will require sales skills, in order to communicate in the most appropriate manner, with the appropriate message at the appropriate timing.
The basis for this can be extracted from the aggregated information by company retrieved by LEADSExplorer:

  • Contact history 
  • using the Activity charts
  • the pages visited
  • page statistics
  • the search terms used
  • the number of unique visitors
  • the Internet Data Mining will give you further knowledge of the customer.

As customers will visit the website, this will inform (or alert if requested) their salesman. Allowing him to take immediate action with his contacts addressing them with the appropriate message(s) using the information from the pages visited.

Customer retention is important for increasing your income.

Increase in Customer Retention - Reducing costs

As lead and customer acquisition costs are very high, keeping and retaining customers more efficiently is very beneficial: customer retention brings more than lead generation
Using LEADSExplorer, more knowledge is available about Customers. This reduces total operating costs for the same level of revenue or can increase revenue without increasing the operating costs.

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Conversations for lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is not marketing communications and campaigns through different channels: like emails and newsletters.
It is about one-to-one relationships in order to have a dialog that’s relevant and consistent, with the human touch. Companies don’t buy, people do. Advisers who are trusted will win more sales than well promoted brands. The relevancy of the message in the conversation is most important.
As LEADSExplorer allows for analyzing the reactions upon the communications, your sales have an advantage over the competition as this allows adjusting the message.