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Online lead generation by company

Discover the companies visiting your website

Instead of:
  • asking to contact you (by email)
  • completing a contact form
  • registering for a download

which only 2-3% of all your visitors will ever do!

Browse companies instead :

You will know the company names of your visitors: website visitor identification.

  • New companies: Leads
    You can contact the contacts found using the provided Internet Data Mining
  • Existing customers
    You can call your contacts when they are interested
  • Lost customers / Ex-Clients
    You are able to contact them when the time is right

Detailed information about visiting company

  • Company name
  • Company domain name (website)
  • Language
  • Country
  • City/Region (in some cases)
  • Time-zone location
  • Interest:
    • Search terms used
    • Referring website
    • Advertising link clicked
    • Direct access (website name entered)

Discover who visits your website: company
and know their interests in your solutions

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