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Re-target your visiting companies with suiting email

Increase your email marketing effectiveness

Employees of companies visit websites in search of a solution.
In most cases they leave without any chance to engage them in a conversation.
Although your website receives much traffic only up to 3 percent will:

  • Leave contact details on an online for
  • Contact by email or telephone

This means that 97 percent of potential web leads are lost as well as the investment in the website, SEO, advertising and social media for driving visitors to your website.

LEADSExplorer allows contacting the visiting companies by email with the best suiting message in order to keep the interest and awareness.

Look for visiting companies with high interest scoring

browse visiting companies for contacting

In order to reach out to a large part of those 97 percent lost visiting companies, LEADSExplorer allows re-targeting visiting companies by:

  • Browsing the visiting companies
  • Selecting those to contact based upon their visit intensity (lead scoring)
  • Providing detailed information on the selected company
  • Finding contacts and their email addresses within the visiting companies
  • Contacting those conveniently by email using email templates
  • Following-up using contact and visit history
  • Knowing when they visit again

Find contacts in company

get information on visiting company

These features will increase the online lead generation level of any company in B2B.
Contacting companies with a message in relation to their interest is likely to get more attention.

Prepare email using templates for convenience

prepare email to visiting company

Email will be send using your email client for editing purposes

Keeping track of your emails

The contact and visit history:

Events: emails sent

The system can connect email addresses with visitors automatically

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