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Sell more: real-time website data in CRM

The visitor actions and their visit data by company are streamed into the CRM in real-time.
When a company or visitor visits again you can be alerted in real-time by email.

For both Leads and Customers you will know about:

  • The interests of your leads or clients
  • The increase or decrease of interest
  • The effectiveness of your communication

The CRM matches your communication exchanges, meetings and other events with the visits of your Lead and Customers. The email communications can be captured automatically by customer in the CRM.

This contact history combined with the visits will allow you to better understand their needs and interests, allowing you reacting in real-time upon their actions in order to sell more.

Activity charts

Activity website and communications Top: visits
Indication of visit frequency and intensity
Bottom: communications
Red communications in
Blue: your communications

The tracing of communications and website visits is provided visually by the Activity charts where your communications are plotted against the website visits.
The height and intensity of the website visits indicators represent the number of pages visited and the duration on pages.

Seed your leads, nurture your prospects and customers, harvest sales in SALESTractor CRM.

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The real selling starts when the deal is considered as lost.
You can know when a deal is lost from different indicators.
Once this situation of the lost deal occurs you have nothing else to lose but to sell.