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Markets are all three things:
Transactions, Conversations & Relationships

  • Most companies only focus on transactions
  • Business rely upon conversations and relationships
  • Conversations are a multiple of relationships
  • Transactions a subset of conversations
  • Using the website visit for defining their interest: conversation
  • See their visits on your website: build relationship
  • Then move to a transaction all with LEADSExplorer

Most businesses only concentrate on: transactions, as these rule in the industrialized world.
However business relies also on conversations and relationships.

In this model, the conversation is used to develop not just the relationship, but also the transaction.  Everything about the transaction, including the price, must be mutually discovered.
- Doc Searls

Conversations are a multiple of relationships, and transactions a subset of conversations.

LEADSExplorer will allow improving on:

  • Conversations:
    • By the knowledge of visits, and each visit after a communication or conversation.
    • By more knowledge about the company and (found) contacts.
    Better preparation of the conversation is possible, thus more likelihood to open or to start a conversation and to maintain it.
    People prefer to talk about their needs and problems, rather than about your solution or products. By the knowledge of their visits, this can be better addressed.
    Watching the reaction by the conversation induced visit on the website provides feedback and allows for adjusting the message or subject.
    Browse the visitors / visiting companies on your website and know their interest for starting a conversation with them.

  • Relationships:
    Conversations morph into relationships.
    The knowledge of the events on the website will allow feeding the relationship:
    • Monitoring website visits will provide the needs and the timing for conversations.
    • Search terms used and pages visited, which can change after every conversation, allow to follow-up with a timely an appropriate message or subject.
    Relationships are the real killer app.

  • Transactions:
    • Improving on conversations by understanding the customer.
    • Building better relationships will lead to increased transactions.

This will lead to better and more efficient prospecting, lead generation, lead acquisition, lead nurturing, customer retention, customer engagement. Simply: more leads in your funnel.
Reduce significantly costs for Lead Generation, Sales and Customers retention

CRM - Customer relationships

most CRM systems oversimplify customer data in order to segment, and to effectively manage the info; ultimately they are just a sales system, not a relationship system.
- Doc Searls (LeWeb3 in Paris)

LEADSExplorer Customer Relationship

In LEADSExplorer the visit is the building block, and can be the starting point but is not required to be. As the visit defines the interest of the potential customer, and by mapping visually conversations with the induced visits, the relation can be better build and maintained.

Therefore LEADSExplorer goes beyond the traditional CRM, as it visualizes life on your website together with your Conversations, allowing to build the Relationships.
The Transactions will follow.

Visitor identification by company name

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