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Reach out to your leads early in their buying cycle

Cold calling on warm companies

The web service identifies the company names of your visitors.

  • On the home page: browse the list of visiting companies
  • Pick out an interesting company based on name, search terms, interest indicator
  • Find a contact and email address using the predefined searches
  • Select an email from a list of emails
  • The email will open in your email software (Outlook, Thunderbird,...) where you can further edit and send the email

Contacting your visiting companies conveniently and easily

Visiting companies are companies that are interested. If you send these companies an email it is likely to gain interest as the topic is hot in the company.

Browse visiting companies: look for high interest scoring

On the home page you can browse through the latest visitors with an indication of their visit intensity (interest indicator).

browse visiting companies for contacting

Pick interested company

Pick out one by clicking on it and more in information opens up to you.
If you find the company interesting enough then you can retrieve contacts and email addresses from different sources on the Internet using the predefined search links.

Search and find contacts

Using prepared searches on company within data bases on the Internet.

get information on visiting company

Preparing the email

By clicking on the "prepare email" link a popup will appear for preparing the email

prepare email to visiting company
  • Paste the email address found
  • Select an email from a number of emails you have previously created in templates
  • By clicking prepare email your Outlook, Thunderbird or whatever email system will appear
  • The email will contain: the addressee, the subject, the selected email content

Edit email in your email client before sending

Final editing (adding contact name) will happen in the ready to send email.
The actual sending will be done from your email server.
Just click "Send" in your email client.

History of emails

Registering company and contact and logging the events
Every email sent will save the company, the contact person with his email address and the email to the SALESTractor Lead Follow-up System. The event of sending out the email will create an entry in the communications log (events history) to be used in the Activity charts which show visits and communications exchange by company.
Events: emails sent

This avoids sending the same email twice to the same person.
The next time the visitor or company visits you will know if they have received a communication from you.

The system can connect email addresses with visitors automatically

Increase email marketing success

Sending an email to an interested company takes out two of the tree uncertainties of email marketing:

  • Content is matching their interest
  • Timing : the message is timely

You are likely to enhance the interest in your products or services.

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