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      - Watch companies visiting your website: leads and customers
    - See their interest and need in your products or services
    - Contact them timely as they are interested now
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Your Interested Visitors Are Your Best Leads

Your website: referenced on all your printed or digital marketing and advertising
Internet search: 7 out of 10 B2B deals
Incognito visitors: max 2-3% of website visitors will ever submit contact information


Get more Leads with Website Caller-ID at Best Price

  report by email new visiting companies

Increase your marketing ROI with more leads


Features for more sales

White paper: Leads Leads cost comparison White paper.

pdf One pager Product sheet
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Get leads from your B to B website

Reach and capture prospects early in their buying cycle.
There are more potential leads visiting your B to B website than those who give their contact details or register for a white paper download. Allowing your sales staff to take advantage of the knowledge about your website visitors. Grab the trails the potential leads leave by visiting your website. More


Track your Customers

Rediscover your Customers and their needs on your website. Get your Sales Staff reasons to call their Customers again, by seeing their interests in your products or services. More


Ex-Customers or Missed Customers - Coming back ?

Discover ex-customer visiting your site again.
They sure will have a good reason to visit your website again. Get Sales Staff reasons to call their Ex-Customers or Missed Customers. More


Find out their interests too

Find out what your competitors are looking for on your website. It can be an indication of opportunity. More

Other website visitors

Find out about other visitors

Further find and track: Financiers - Bankers - Investors and Media - Press - Bloggers

Business contacts

Find business contacts using Internet Data Mining within LEADSExplorer.

Reduce Sales & Marketing costs

Less costs for:
  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Lead acquisition
  • Customer retention

Your website is important during the B-to-B Sales process

In most cases all B-to-B Purchase processes start with a search on the Internet. This will land the interested parties on your website.
During the Sales cycle your leads will continue to visit your website for more information and to compare with the competitors.
Even during the closing of the sales deal or before the purchase order more visits will be made!




Emailed reportsreport by email visiting companies

Convert more web traffic

LEADSExplorer allows you to identify, qualify and convert more web traffic in leads

No cold calling rejection fear

By being able to call on interested companies the rejection fear is removed as you are likely to talk to an interested person. Thus no rejection fear.

Improve Lead Quality

As an online lead generation solution LEADSExplorer is delivering a new level of lead quality to B to B sales and marketing professionals by integrating data from your website, the Internet and social networks.

Live Web Traffic Monitoring

You can observe and experience in real-time your web traffic by implementing LEADSExplorer. Find out what businesses are visiting your website, what search terms businesses use to find your site or the clicked links.
Find new companies and see existing customers visiting your website and know their interest.

BtoB Inbound Marketing

You leverage your investments in SEO, search marketing, online advertising, print advertising, email campaigns, press releases, social network marketing and other inbound marketing programs created and executed to attract BtoB web traffic by LEADSExplorer as you know the visiting company, the origin of their visit and their interest.

B2B Marketing

The monitoring of the accuracy and efficiency of your online advertising, direct mail, email and event marketing campaigns will be improved using LEADSExplorer by knowing that
you are reaching the right people at the right time, with the right message as you can observe their response by the increase or decrease of activities (visits) on your website
in real time.

It is the best method to know if your B2B marketing is effectively reaching businesses instead of consumers.

Sales prospecting

Improve the ability to generate high-quality sales leads by knowing who visits your website and their reason to visit using LEADSExplorer.

Lead Generation Services for B2B Companies

LEADSExplorer offers B2B customer acquisition service that enable sales and marketing professionals to better identify, reach, and convert new business. Generating new selling opportunities and significantly improve your return on marketing investment.

Cold call on warm companies

Your cold calling becomes calling on warm companies as they have shown interest in your products.
Moreover you can bring the most appropriate message due to the knowledge of their interest.

Limit your cold calling efforts

Only cold call or email people in interested companies.

Reports by email: companies visit history and intensity

report by email visiting companies