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How to identify website visitors by name

Once the company name is known - the visitor name is required too

The biggest challenge of inbound marketing is to identify who is actually visiting.
LEADSExplorer has 2 methods of solving this:

  1. Using the incoming emails
    In many cases LEADSExplorer is capable of identifying the actual visitor, if this visitor also sends an email to your company.
    If possible the email collecting feature in SALESTractor (Lead Follow-up System) attaches the email address to the visitor based upon matching IP address.
    Once you know the email address you also know his name.

    Please note: it will not work:
    • If the visitor uses a web based public email system (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo mail, …)
    • If the web server and the email server have different Internet access points

  2. Sending emails
    You can re-target visiting companies with email.

    The system can connect email addresses with visitors automatically

  3. Using a telephone call
    This method is based upon the fact that people who are being called often start visiting your website during or after the call.
    If they call you, you can easily find them as they have probably visited the contact page where they found the telephone number?
    If you notice any visit activity from the company during or after the call, it is very likely the visitor is the person you just have called.

    It is possible to set an email alert by company in DISCOVER in order to inform when someone from the company that you just have called starts visiting.

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