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The B2B Purchase Process

The process phases and their sources of influence

The B2B purchase process or sales cycle can be split up in 3 phases:

  • The Research / Engagement phase
  • The Consideration / Comparison phase
  • The Purchase phase
The most important resources during each of these phases are:
B2B Purchase process Research Engagment phase B2B Purchase process Consideration Comparison phase B2B Purchase process Purchase Sale phase
Research / Engagement Consideration / Comparison Purchase - Closing sale
  1. Manufacturers' website
  2. Search engine
  3. Colleagues
  1. Vendor website
  2. Sales rep.
  3. Consultant
  1. Sales rep.
  2. Online retailer
  3. B2B Website

This research has been commissioned by Google to MillwardBrown and the complete results are to be found in “The Role of Search in the Business Technology Purchase Process” available on DocStoc (Downloadable).

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