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Leads Cost Calculator

Ever calculated how much a lead costs in your organization ?
Please note: These are bare costs, without any salaries.
Trade show
Total Tradeshow cost $/€
Number of leads acquired
Web Site
Total Website cost per month $/€
Current number of leads captured by month
LEADSExplorer case
Number of unique visitors / month
Percentage potential Leads, Prospects / month %
Cost LEADSExplorer / month (estimation* - Get price quote here) $/€

Cost of 1 Tradeshow Lead $/€
Current cost of 1 Lead on Website $/€ 
Number potential Website Leads  
Total monthly Cost Website + LEADSExplorer $/€ 
Cost of 1 Website Lead using LEADSExplorer $/€

(*) Cost of LEADExplorer varies, depending on Service Plan, Number of Users and volume of visits.

Leads cost comparison

White paper: Leads White paper Comparing:

  • Advertising leads cost
  • Trade shows leads cost
  • White paper syndication leads cost
  • Mailing campaign - Direct mail leads cost
  • Telemarketing by Call center leads cost
  • Cold calling by salesman leads cost
  • Emailing with landing pages leads cost
  • LEADSExplorer method leads cost

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