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Customer retention brings more than lead generation

Facts on lead generation and customer retention:

  • Customer acquisition costs are high across all businesses and industries
  • Selling to an existing customer costs roughly 6 times less than to acquire a new one
  • An organization can improve revenues up to 49% with just an increase of 10% in customer retention according to The American Management Association
  • 20 % of your customers provide 80% of your revenue

This means you should focus on your existing customers even if this doesn’t appear to be very imaginative.

Communicating with your customer

Question yourself:

How frequent or how often should you communicate to your customer by sending him information by email or just calling him?
When is it too much or too often?

LEADSExplorer tracks for all your customers their level of interest with or without you having communications with your customers.
LEADSExplorer will visually draw a graph presenting the number and duration of visits on your website on the same time axis as the communications: the Activity Charts.
Communications that can be: telephone, email, meeting etc.

Activity website and communications Top: visits
Indication of visit frequency and intensity
Bottom: communications
Red communications in
Blue: your communications

Relation between communications and visits

The increase or decrease of visit level indicates a change in interest that can be related to a certain communication or a lack of communication.
People do visit your website before or after meetings and telephone calls.
LEADSExplorer tracks more than just those people who have clicked on a link in an email as this is a minor part of the total number of visits.

In order to improve on your customer retention, LEADSExplorer is a must have.

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