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Customer tracking and tracing

Monitor customer behavior online to call timely

As the cost of acquiring customers (online and offline) increases, tracking customers on your website becomes easily beneficial having a high Return On Investment (ROI).

When you call a customer when he is not interested or doesn’t need your solution at that very moment you are wasting his and your time. You can even become annoying to him if you call to frequently. Being able to call at the moment of interest increases your chance of success and decreases your operational cost significantly.

Customer tracking and tracing uses

Customer tracking on your website can be used for:

  • Monitoring customer behavior
  • Alerting when customer visits again allowing you to :
    • send an email
    • call
    • pay a visit
  • Improving your nurturing

By knowing the search terms used and the pages visited most frequently by all of the employees of a customer you will be able to present him the best suiting message to fulfill his needs or to solve his problems.
This will result in more sales at a lesser cost.

Tracking visits and communications

Additionally LEADSExplorer matches the customers’ visits with the communications between you and the customer, like:

  • Emails (can be automated)
  • Telephone calls
  • Meetings
  • Marketing campaigns

on a time chart for better understanding the efforts of nurturing and marketing campaigns

Once a customer is identified on LEADSExplorer you will never lose track of his actions on your website resulting in more sales.

Start tracking and tracing your customers now by signing-up for a free trial.

The data and information provided by LEADSExplorer is also useful for following-up on your leads for discovering and when they visit again.

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