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B2B Funnel versus B2B Selling

Buying B2B Funnel versus B2B Selling Process: Conversion

Improving the conversion rate is more important than driving more traffic.
Marketers spend money on advertising, SEO and others means and methods to get more traffic, but instead a higher conversion rate would be more beneficial.

Buying funnel process
Selling cycle
- Starts with a need - Presence of website on Internet / Search Engines
- Awareness and  Internet search - Prospect finding and obtaining leads
- Determining kind of solution - Finding possible Contacts within Company
- Gathering information: specific search - Classify visitor type: Influencer, Decision makers & takers
- Selection type of solution - Prepare messages – Communications or Conversations
- Selection Vendors and solution - Qualify the prospect
- Determine solution - Building a relationship
- Decision taking on specific information - Promoting the benefits of the solution
- Negotiations and Purchase - Selling: Close sales & build further relationship
- Qualifying the purchase afterwards - Customer Engagement & Retention

LEADSExplorer is to be used during:

  • Prospect finding and obtaining leads:
    Know companies visiting the website; get informed using the automated Internet searches included in LEADSExplorer.
    Realize what the intent of the Researcher is.
    Identifying and qualifying the visiting Companies into Leads.
  • Finding contacts within company
    Using Internet Data Mining for finding contacts and information about contacts.
  • Classify visitor type: Influencer, Decision makers, Decision takers
    Using search terms used, click path and time on pages the visitor can be categorized.
  • Prepare messages – Communicating or Conversations
    LEADSExplorer reveals the interests in products or services and thus allows determining what information is to be disclosed to the company.
    Adjusting the message to the Company, the type of contact, guided by the search terms used, pages visited and click path of the company.
  • Qualify the prospect
    From the communications, conversations and responses by communication and by visits on the website, the prospect can be qualified.
  • Building a relationship
    Visitors have the need for information, which needs to be supplied.
    As Sales people can portray themselves as experts on the matters by the knowledge of the interests by communicating the suited message or the suited subject, the relationship can be built.
  • Promote the benefits of the solution
    The best matching solution can be presented with the tangible and intangible benefits for the CEO and the functions or features for the Directors or Managers.
  • Selling: Close sales & build further relationship
    After closing the sales, keep an eye on the activity of the customer on your website. Build a relationship by communicating and interacting on his website visits.
  • Customer Engagement & Retention
    This can be enhanced by using the knowledge about the contacts visiting and pages visited.

Visitor identification by company name

Matching contacts with visitors

Visitors on the website versus Sales communicating with Contacts. Somehow those two needs to be matched.

In most B2B conversion processes the visitor is asked to register for white paper downloads, co-registration, newsletter, webinar (web seminar) and other, allowing matching a visitor with a contact.

Even in case no registration is done, then the behavior and visits of the visitors after communications or conversations, will give indications of his nature, interests, buying intentions and subsequently his function or position, allowing matching visitors and contacts by taking into account the timing of communications and visits.
More on matching.

The importance of the conversion process from Visitors into Leads

The conversion process is more important for getting more sales, more revenue, than getting more traffic.
Once your website has visitors, spending money on LEADSExplorer will do more for selling and for your bottom line than getting more traffic.

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