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Increase online form efficiency

Less fields – more data and information

The problems of online forms:

  • People don’t complete forms due to too many fields
  • People use webmail addresses which have no value

Solution by using LEADSExplorer you will know:

  • The company name and their website
  • The country:
    • The Internet access point
    • The geographic location based on the time zone of their PC
    • The language
  • Their interest in products: by the pages visited and search terms used

Decrease number of fields on the online form

  • No need to require entering the company name
  • No need to ask for their location/ country
  • No need to ask their interest

As such fewer fields are required on your online form - more chance visitors fill out your form.

Solving the webmail

In case people do use their webmail address in order to divert all possible follow-up emails, using LEADSExplorer you will be able in many cases to use the information provided by the webmail to know who is actually visiting.
By combining the information received from LEADSExplorer and the name in the web email address it is likely:

  • You will know the actual person that has filled out the form
  • You are able to construct his company email address

Fewer fields and still more useful information will make your online form much more effective.
Here is how to.

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