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Lead nurturing is engaging prospects & customers

Lead nurturing for converting prospects in clients

Prospects that regardless of their budget, authority, or timing are not yet sales-ready can still be worked on using lead nurturing. This is a way of building a relationship using an informative dialog to qualified prospects.
Lead nurturing enables a company to engage prospects in highly relevant, personalized interactions, based on their behavior.

What is lead nurturing? Interactions

Lead nurturing is providing insight by handing out information and solutions to leads and customers. It is not selling with pitches.
It is the process of building online conversations with qualified leads or customers – hence Conversational Marketing.

Why lead nurturing? To engage!

It builds awareness of brand, solutions or products with leads and customers.
It keeps the conversation going and maintains the relationship.
If you would leave it up to them to take action, it would be like giving an opportunity away to your competitors.
All your leads need proper follow-up on a systematic basis. You can’t leave following-up to coincidence.

What basis of nurturing? Online behavior

A system needs to be in place to analyze the online behavior of leads, prospects and customers. Without a methodical system for qualifying, analyzing, processing and closing deals, going after prospects is a shot in the dark.

How to lead nurturing? Relevant meaningful emails

  • Sending consistent and meaningful communication to leads and customers regardless of their stage in the buying cycle
  • Building relationships with qualified leads with relevant messages over time
  • Triggering targeted messages to leads and customers based on behaviors or profiles
  • Educating leads and customers with relevant and personal messaging
  • Analyzing every interaction in order to optimize results over time

Nurturing using LEADSExplorer

  • Know who to start nurturing by knowing their company name, their level of interest and scoring
  • Create the messages relevant to their interest: visited pages
  • Send messages timely when they show their interest: when website is visited
  • Analyze your nurturing messages efficiency by the changes in interest level over time: Activity charts
  • Adjust your messages to their interest changes and interest level changes: Activity charts revealing their behavior

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