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Lead Scoring for quality leads

Quality leads

Your marketing is eager to produce leads in large quantities. However this doesn’t necessarily translate into more revenue. Too many leads out of your business area will hurt your business:

  • Waste of time for: the marketing man, salesman and the suspect
  • Aversion for the leads from marketing by the salesmen
  • Administrative overhead increase

Improving lead quality is the main requirement for demand generation, increase revenue and bottom line.

Lead scoring

Lead scoring lets you automatically qualify leads and measure their interest and engagement in your products.

This automatic lead scoring is provided by LEADSExplorer for each of the companies visiting your website allowing your salesmen:

  • Focusing on the best leads
  • Improving their sales success supporting their ego
  • Have more leads - thanks to the website - and quality prospects

Thanks to the automatic lead scoring for quality leads your company will become more profitable.

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The discovery of companies and their interest on your website can also be used to follow-up on your leads and trace your customers as they visit your website too.

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