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Leveraging your website investments:

Increase your Marketing ROI

Traffic obtained

You have and still are investing time and money in your website:
SEO, SEM, Link building, Press releases, Blog, Social media: Facebook fan page, LinkedIn, …

As a result you have a decent amount of monthly traffic on your website

A lot of traffic - Hardly any leads from website

However your website generates a minimal amount of leads

Fact: Industry average is that 3 percent of all visitors will:

  • Contact directly using email
  • Fill out the online form to contact you
Low on-line conversion rate

From all the visitors only a minority converts into leads and enter your sales funnel

Uncertain nurturing

You have no clue how effective your nurturing is as you can’t measure

  • How do your suspects and leads react upon your nurturing ?
  • How to adjust your nurturing to make it more effective?
Online sales is minimal

If you only get a few leads into your sales funnel and you cannot measure your nurturing then the number of sales deals won will be minimal despite of all the visitors on your website.

All your marketing efforts have minimal impact on your revenue.
Still your website is open 24 x 7 to capture leads.

The solution:

Implement LEADSExplorer as simple as Google Analytics : invisible, non-intrusive and not affecting your visitors.
Resulting in:

  1. More leads from your website
  2. Increase online conversions
  3. Nurturing measured

Visitor identification by company name

The results: increase Marketing ROI

  • More leads from your website
  • More online conversions
  • Improved and controlled nurturing
  • More sales – more income

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Use the same information to re-target by nurturing your visiting companies with LEADSExplorer

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