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Online behavior

The online behavior of suspects, prospects and customers reveals about their interest, level of interest, change of interest level and buying intentions.

The visit path

LEADSExplorer permits you to see for every visit the film of the visit by the pages visited.

The interest by visitor

Just knowing the sequence of the pages is not sufficient that’s why also the most visited pages and the longest visited pages are shown.
The search terms used for finding your website are also a major indicator of their interest.

The interest of a company

The totality of visits by company will indicate the real interest of a company by knowing the most visited and the longest visited pages.
The frequency of the search terms used by all the employees of a company to find your website will even more precisely indicate the need of a company.

The activity time charts

Each visit is translated into a scoring of visit intensity.
This indicates the level of interest represented by height: number of pages visited and color: duration of the visit.
As more employees of one company can pay a visit to your website, the total of company visit intensity can be represented on a chart: again in height (number of pages visited) and color (duration of visits) is represented on a chart.

Visitor identification by company name

Change of interest

All the visits are then plotted out over time in order to show for the changes of interest over time.
This is especially important for knowing the effectiveness of the nurturing efforts of marketing towards of the employees if the company. If the nurturing is effective there will be an increase in the number of visits or the intensity of visits or specific visited pages.
Hence the communications between marketing / sales and the company are also plotted on the same time chart in order to analyze visually the interaction between both communications and visits.

The scoring

For a quick overview of the most interested companies and thus spotting the most interesting companies are indicated by the scoring on the dashboard:

  • The length of the scoring stands for the total number of pages visited by a company
  • The height of the scoring stands for the total duration of visits by a company

The scoring indicators that are the longest and the darkest red are the most interesting to contact.

Buying intentions

The intensity of visits or the visits of specific pages like contact and pricing pages will indicate their intention of buying.

Online behavior analysis

LEADSExplorer allows observing and analyzing the online behavior of every suspect, prospect and customer.
This is needed for adjusting the personalized messages for your nurturing and to be used in conversational marketing.

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