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As there are so many different market segments in: Lead generation, Lead management, CRM and Sales Force Automation,...
We believe it is appropriate to define the market segments for LEADSExplorer, in order to allow any visitor to decide whether the solution is suited or not.

Also available as presentation (Title + 26pages + End)
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Subject or Matter:

Web Stats - Analytics:
Not Web stats.
Not Web Analytics.
  • These aggregate website data on website level.
LEADSExplorer aggregates data on:

  • Company level.
  • Visitor level.
Not for Marketing.
  • There are enough tools available.
  • Of course Marketing can use it too.
LEADSExplorer is aimed at.
  • The Salesman.
  • The Sales team.
  • Getting Leads, Prospect and Sales.
B2C versus B2B:
Not B2C.
  • Consumer sales are different.
  • Retail is by large numbers.
LEADSExplorer is for The B2B Complex Sales.
  • Revealing Companies
  • Each unique visitor is important
  • Internet Data Mining on Companies
Leads source:
Not solely for web leads
  • The world is more than the Internet
LEADSExplorer can be used for:
  • Discovering visitors
  • Leads from website
  • Leads from real world
  • Nurturing all kind of leads
Campaign Management:
Not Campaign Management
  • Is mainly for Retail & Consumers
  • Quantity over Quality
LEADSExplorer is for:
  • Business Buyers & Management
  • To be approached individually
  • Timely & appropriate message
Not mainstream CRM.
  • If no website, no advantage
LEADSExplorer is:
  • Integrated CRM with your website
  • Allows for analysis of::
    • Website data
    • Visitor data
CRM: Support/Services:
Not a CRM for Support or Services
  • Support and services are After-Sales
LEADSExplorer focuses on leads and customers:
CRM: Customer service:
Not CRM for Customer service
  • Customer service is After-Sales
  • Would require ERP integration
LEADSExplorer is for:
Response Management System
Not a Response Management system
  • Automated responses not well-suited for B2B

LEADSExplorer is B2B:
  • This requires personal attention
  • This requires personal responses
Not collaboration suite
  • Use other complementary solutions
LEADSExplorer allows:
  • Sales and teams to work on leads
    • Centralized capturing of data
    • Centralized retrieval of data
  • Organize using to-do lists & dashboards
Managers & Directors:
Not specific intended for Sales Managers:
Not for controlling Salesmen and Sales dept
  • However useful features included
LEADSExplorer is for Sales:

  • Obtaining more leads
  • Nurturing more leads
  • Thus more sales – commissions
Data capturing from web site:
Not Log files analysis
  • This requires access to web server
  • Requires engineer intervention
  • Not real-time data (log files)
LEADSExplorer is real-time:
  • Connection with our servers through Java script in website
  • Insert supplied Java script line
Not software on server
  • Requires engineer intervention
  • Causes delay in deployment and utilization start
LEADSExplorer is a hosted service (on demand)
  • Insert supplied java script line
  • Basic html knowledge required
  • Thus fast, 'no cost' implementation
Not installing software on user PC's
  • Cumbersome installation
  • High running/maintenance costs
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux ?
LEADSExplorer is browser based
  • Supports all environments using a Browser
  • Lowest running/operating costs 
Not In-Company Server solution:
  • Remote access is less evident
LEADSExplorer is browser based:
  • Access from anywhere
  • Access with any browser
  • Access at any time
Data storage:
No data storage locally (PC)
No data leakage at end-point (PC)
No synchronization problems
LEADSExplorer is server based
  • All data is secure & centralized
  • All data is always consistent
24 x 7 Operations:
No IT operations in Company
No IT employees needed
LEADSExplorer is hosted service:
  • 'On Demand'
  • Providing 24 x 7 service
  • Dedicated servers
  • Run by dedicated operators
Listings & reports:
Not listings, not printed reports
  • Printed listings are history
LEADSExplorer is Web2.0:
  • Online query
  • Aggregated data on dynamic pages
  • Multi functions on one page
  • Listings and reports available
No purchased software
No upfront expense: investment
No long Company commitment
No yearly maintenance costs

LEADSExplorer is a subscription:
  • Can be cancelled any time
No budget for purchase:
  • Budget has high hurdle to get approved
  • Long decision cycle
LEADSExplorer is:
  • An expense
  • No budget investment
Not possible with software:
  • Hard to trial as installation is required
  • A demo is a demo – not real life
LEADSExplorer can be:
  • Experienced for free
  • Used with your Website = real life
Not hardware & software tie-up:
  • Requires Hardware investment
  • Decisions on capacity
  • More budget approval
LEADSExplorer scalability:
  • Comes with the service
  • Affordable increase of invoice
Not limited to one continent
Not limited to one language
Not limited to one culture
LEADSExplorer Data & services are::
  • Worldwide like www
  • No language barriers
  • Universal

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