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The B2B Purchase Process

The Consideration / Comparison phase in purchase process

During this phase several vendors have been selected and people will compare the functions, features, advantages and advantages mainly using the vendors’ website although the sales rep is already communicating information and having meetings.

B2B Purchase process Research Engagment phase

High scoring website

As the website scores 12% higher than the Sales rep. it means that the static website is more trusted or considered as a better source than the Sales rep.

The IT consultant (34%), Colleague (39%) and Search engine (40%) are lagging significantly behind.

Seen the lead position of the website it is clear that the decision makers, decision takers and influencers all visit the websites of the vendors for comparing and evaluating different vendors. The role the website has in the lead acquisition and nurturing is not to be under estimated.
Moreover it is likely that all communications: emails, calls, letters and meetings between vendor and potential buyer will initiate a visit to the website.
Thus during the nurturing the companies visiting the website need to tracked and analyzed for knowing:

  • The effectiveness of the nurturing
  • The increase or decrease of the interest level

In order to do so use LEADSExplorer.

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