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Sales force lead management

Managing leads

The core of any business is leads. In order to get the highest return for your lead investments and marketing efforts a quality lead management system is necessary.
Lead management is a multistage process for managing the conversion of suspects and leads to customers.

After generating leads and qualifying leads, these leads need to be managed else the marketing efforts are wasted.
The only method to achieve this is by assigning each lead to a salesman.

In many applications sales people just get an email mentioning a company, a contact with telephone number or email, without indicating about the needs, requirements, issues or problems of the potential customer. This makes it very hard for a salesman to start working on the lead. If he follows-up he probably will send a generic email or make a call without preparation or focus. Hardly effective!

Empowering sales force

The best way to have your salesmen handle leads that have been assigned to them is to empower your sales force by making it easy and convenient to start a conversation and to follow-up.

What the salesman at least needs to know to start his communication with a personalized and relevant message are:

  • Their interest in product
  • Their urgency
  • Their buying intention
  • Their company information
  • Their previous email communications (lead nurturing by marketing automation)
LEADSExplorer provides this by:
  • Products: Web analytics about pages visited and search terms used
  • Urgency: The increase and intensity of visits over time and number of unique visitors
  • Buying intention: The visits of certain pages and number of unique visitors
  • Company information: website, social media links, Internet
  • Email communications: all emails are collected by company for easy retrieval

All actionable information and intelligence for your sales force.

Lead fulfillment by sales force

This information will empower the sales rep enough to get him starting to work on the lead by:

  • Sending what they request or need (fulfillment)
  • Cold calling

The sales force is equipped with enough information for:

  • Starting a conversation on a subject the lead will be interested in
  • Bringing a relevant and personalized message
  • Having the suiting sales pitch for the lead

Visitor identification by company name

Reporting the lead follow-up

The event of each communication should be registered by date and short note as well as the follow-up action: the next communication or meeting or email.
In case the salesman sends an email the event is registered automatically.

This planning of follow-up actions will give the salesman everyday an overview of the actions to be done.

At the same time the salesman can indicate the size of the project and the chance to obtain the deal for the pipeline and management purposes.

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