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Sales leads

Need for better prospecting results

Leads are the life support for any business as without there will be no sales.
Companies need to prospect for sales leads which they do by advertising, press releases, cold calling, email marketing, trade show participation, organizing events and the website.

All of them are one off limited in time events, cost money each time and have geographical constraints.
Whereas your website:

  • Is active 24/7 (24 hours 7 days a week)
  • Has worldwide reach
  • Is probably the least exploited: most traffic don’t convert into sales leads

Industry average: maximum 3 percent of all visitors will:

  • fill out the online form contact or white paper download
  • contact you directly by email or telephone

You are missing and wasting many sales leads on your website.

Website sales leads: getting more leads easily

In order to boost your sales leads, the most opportune is to increase the website conversions by re-targeting the visiting companies by email.
LEADSExplorer will:

  • Reveal the companies visiting
  • Identifies their interest in products
  • Shows their level of interest
  • Presents the changes in level of interest over time
  • Allows analyzing effectiveness nurturing
  • Indicates buying intentions by their online behavior
  • Scores leads automatically
  • Provides stored procedures to find contacts and email addresses in the companies
  • Aggregates web visit data and analytics by company
  • Collects emails by company for easy retrieval
  • Matches visitors and their email addresses

You will generate more sales leads by knowing:

  • which companies to contact
  • when to contact
  • with the best suiting message

Moreover you will be able to adjust your messages and subject for better nurturing based upon the visit reactions (or lacking visits) of the company.

Instead of 3 percent you will convert many times more visitors into sales leads.

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