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Visitor intelligence becomes customer intelligence

Visitor intelligence

Visitor intelligence is a dynamic method for obtaining an in-depth 360 degree visitor view for acquiring and extending your knowledge and insights about your online visitors.
This accumulation, retrieval, scoring and analysis of information and online behavior are to be used for:

  • Optimizing your online strategy
  • Creating website and marketing campaigns
  • Approaching the visitors
  • Increasing online conversion rates
  • Improving sales processes
  • Shortening sales cycle

Visitor intelligence will allow you anticipating by targeted marketing and content optimization by understanding the interests and real needs of your online visitors.

Lead and customer intelligence

LEADSExplorer takes visitor intelligence one step further and into B2B by turning it into lead - and customer intelligence by additionally revealing and identifying:

  • Their company name
  • Their domain name
  • Their interest / need
  • Their buying intention

This allows you for each company visiting using:

  • Targeted marketing
  • Message optimization

And focusing on the best leads by the provided automatic lead scoring.

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report by email new visiting companies

Use the same information to re-target by nurturing your visiting companies with LEADSExplorer

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