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Visitor tracking by IP address

Visitor tracking methods overview: using IP-address

Methods based on reverse-IP lookup:
  • Enhanced web analytics: good but not sufficient
  • PC software:
    • PC related problems
    • Deployment issues
    • Synchronization issues: not real-time - delayed information
  • Web services using third party CRM:
    • 2 solutions needed to be paid
    • Missing real-time synchronization
    • Limited amount of data in CRM
  • Web services with integrated CRM using heuristics (LEADSExplorer):
    • Increased identification using heuristics: more companies
    • See visits in real-time
    • Know returning visitors
    • All visits by company showing the interest
    • Seamless integration website and CRM
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Just using reverse IP will not give the same results
as the heuristics and data bases used by LEADSExplorer:

1. Enhanced Web analytics

These solutions are based on Web Analytic solution and are enhanced with IP-address look-up, revealing the ISP, which can contain be the Company name.

There are 2 methods for Web analytics to capture visitor data:
  • Log File Analysis of the Web server
  • Java script line in web pages, communicating with the analytic application server
  • Advantage:
    • Visitors come freely on website, thus interested parties
    • Will reveal the company name of all visitors, if available
    • Hosted solution, thus only a browser required
  • Disadvantages:
    • High number of duplicate "Unique Visitors"
    • No filtering and cleansing of the visit data into a permanent format:
      • No creation of a record identity for every company or every visitor in a data base.
      • For reports, the information is retrieved form the visit data (SQL queries)
    • Not capable of differentiating ISP's from Companies
    • There is no unified method or one single data base, which allows to match IP addresses to companies
    • Companies can use ISP's for their Internet presence:
      • As such their Company names are hidden by the ISP name
      • No investigation on Company possible, as Companies are not defined as an identity in Web analytics solutions
    • Reports and listings are generated using SQL queries on the visit data 
      • Giving data such as most visiting or "top" visiting companies, but not by company entity, as these are not defined.
    • In case Log File Analysis: not really real-time and these solutions require data base integration with the solution provider

LEADSExplorer DISCOVER provides this method enhanced with proprietary heuristics.
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2. Solutions using PC software:

These solutions use one of the previous methods, most likely Web Analytics based upon Log File Analysis, but do all processing and data handling on the PC of the user.

  • Advantage:
    • Visitors come freely on website, thus interested parties
    • Complete data base to be stored locally on PC - if this is an advantage?
      • Off-line inquiries about visits possible
  • Disadvantage:
    • Deployment, installation and maintenance of the PC software
    • Data base of visits needs to be local on PC, which easily becomes a burden
    • Every user needs the visiting data on his PC
    • Regular updates of the IP data base(s) on the PC's are required, which is not evident with multiple PC's
    • Synchronization issues with the website data capture and the processing on the PC

3. Solutions using integration with third party CRM

All of the above solutions can have an API (Application Programming Interface) or direct integration with one or more widespread or popular CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions.

  • Advantages:
    • Fully featured CRM and SFA (Sales Force Automation)
    • Many functionalities within CRM
  • Disadvantage:
    • Switching between the two applications during use
    • Synchronization and timing differences between both solutions
      • Data bases need to be synchronized continuously
    • In most cases the integration is only one way, thus no information from the CRM to the Visitor Discover and Identification application.
      • Actions in the CRM, are not visible in the Visitor Discover and Identification application
    • The integration doesn't provide the detailed information in the CRM, concerning actual pages visited or aggregated pages visited by the visitors of one company.
      • Thus switching required between two applications, with different lookups and retrievals
    • Required to learn to use 2 solutions
    • Required to pay for 2 solutions
    • CRM can have too many functions and features, not immediately required for Lead generation and acquisition.

4. Integrated Identification using heuristics and Lead Follow-up System solution: LEADSExplorer

The heuristics increase the number of identified companies significantly

The website visitor ID like the Caller ID of your telephone system.

One single solution combining Visitor Tracking and Lead Follow-up.
Data capture method: Java script line in Web pages or header page.

  • Advantage:
    • Visitors come freely on website, thus interested parties
    • One user interface
    • No synchronization or timing differences
    • Hosted (web services):
      • only browser required
      • simple and easy deployment
    • Lead Follow-up System with specific and appropriate features for Lead Generation and Sales.
    • Visual analysis of the interaction of the commercial sales and marketing efforts towards the company and the impact on the visits.
    • 100% integration between visitor discovery, identification application and Lead Follow-up System
  • Disadvantage:
    • CRM with less functions and features (but much lower learning curve and thus higher adoption rate)

LEADSExplorer SALESTractor provides this combined solution including activity charts, email collection by company and email address matching with visitor.
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Trails and indications:
Although visitors surf the Internet incognito, they do leave all kinds of trails and indications behind:

  • The origin:
    • The previous page visited
    • The search engine keywords
  • Browser language, indicating the language used at work. 
  • IP of the internet access point, which can be the Internet Service Provider or the company itself 
    • This allows for revealing the ISP of Company name 
    • IP-Geo-location: Positioning of the Internet Access Point
  • Location by time during the day of visit: employees normally work during office hours, thus this is an indication of geographical location in the world.
  • Time spend on pages, number of page views of the same page, total visit time 
  • Visit paths : the sequence of the pages visited
  • Returning visitors: by using cookies or other technologies it is possible to recognize returning visitors.

Additionally LEADSExplorer allows investigating on the IP address of the Visitor for more clues and information, in order to have better prospecting.

This complete set of features allows discovering and identifying the visitor.
Instead of addressing the entire population of potential customers, you can limit the contacting efforts (emails, cold calling) to the visiting companies, as they are already interested.
Hence more efficient Lead Acquisition, reducing your operating costs.

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The goals of LEADSExplorer are to:

  • Enable salespersons to differentiate from competition.
  • Facilitate ideal customer experience.
  • Provide information for communications and conversations with potential buyers.
  • Select potential buyers with highest level of interest.
  • Deliver just-in-time messaging.
  • Track all messaging and communications.
  • Minimize salesperson data entry.
  • Track and monitor each opportunity.
  • Increase funnel.

Lead Generation and Technology:

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