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Visitor tracking methods overview: using email

  • Requires to send emails with tracking code
  • Email addresses needed: exhaustive system
  • Spam
  • Huge quantities needed to hit an interested person

Email initiated visitor tracking systems

This method requires sending out emails with a convincing message to a large number of people. In the email message a link to a website is included.
In order to know more about email marketing campaigns: read what they don't tell you.
Probably the most wide spread, and comes in 3 versions, each using a different method:

  1. Landing pages:
    • Landing page for each email send in order to recognize the visitor.
    • Upon receiving the email, the link in the email needs to be clicked
    • Requires appropriate and convincing content on landing page in order to keep the attention of the visitor.

  2. Tracking code within email:
    • There is a tracking code inside the email, which links the visitor with the email address used.
      • This tracking code works by embedding an image of an invisible pixel
    • Many email clients (Outlook 2005, Gmail, ...) don't download images by default, thus no invisible pixel in the email.
    • The embedded tracking code can alert the spam filters, thus not always successful delivery.

  3. Redirection pages:
    • Detect visitor and redirect to actual website page
    • No website installation or alteration necessary
    • Upon receiving the email, the link in the email needs to be clicked
    • This technique also used by spam and phishing emails: Firewalls and Spam Filters can stop the email from being delivered
    • Current in use email clients (Outlook 2005 etc) will warn when email contains such a "cloaked" link


  • Allows tracking all emailed visitors


  • Push: sending an email pushes the visitors to your website: the percentage really interested can be much lower
  • Can be considered as spam
  • Multiple requirements for success, will drive down the chances of success:
  • a) People: Addressing the appropriate manager or director
    b) Content: Addressing with the appropriate message
    c) Timing: Addressing at the appropriate time 
    Probability of success  =  [probability of a)]   times   [probability of b)]   times   [probability of c)]
  • Consequently:
    Large quantities of email addresses are required (or need to be purchased)
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Are these email systems efficient and effective?

Download this White paper to find out on page 7.

Overview of Visitor tracking methods
The pull (inbound) method of LEADSExplorer based on IP-address

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