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  • In all part of the sales cycle the website plays an important role:
    • Lead generation: potential customers visiting your website
    • During the selling by the salesman: people will continue to visit
    • Sales closing: visiting to check on pricing, terms and conditions
  • The website has an important role in all parts of the sales process

Website in the B2B sales cycle

The lead generation

Although large amounts of money are being spend on advertising, email campaigns and direct mail for lead generation, people in businesses will, in order to find potential solutions to their problem, use search engines as they prefer to discover new solutions. This instead of being pushed to solutions by marketing of the vendors or manufacturers.

Searching on the Internet should allow them to find your website during the research phase.

Your website is many times more important than all other marketing methods.

Even during this first search phase of their purchase process your website becomes the second most important source of information after the search engine.

B2B Purchase process Research Engagment phase

However when you take into consideration the engagement, the website becomes even more important than search. More click here

The selling and the salesman

In the next phase your salesman is communicating and meeting with the potential customer, however the website papers are more important and significant for both the consideration and comparison of different offerings from the vendors in the market.

The website is more important than your sales rep. even in this phase!
More click here

B2B Purchase process Consideration Comparison phase

Closing of the sale

It is logical that during the closing of the sale or deal the sales rep. or online retailer becomes most important as the pricing and delivery terms needs to be negotiated.

The website still comes in third place! More click here

B2B Purchase process Purchase Sale phase

It is undeniable that the website has an important role in any of your business deals in B2B.

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