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White paper: Leads 10 Steps to excel in your Social Media Marketing Strategy
Your customers and leads are using Social media. Hence you need to be present too.
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White paper: Leads How to convert website visitors into Leads, for efficient successful prospecting
The number of leads from conventional channels is declining, due to the increase of importance of the website: as people gather incognito information from your website.
Find out why (permission based) Email marketing, is not the solution in the long run. If you could just prospect on the website visitors, you would have many more opportunities. Just need a solution to reveal the origin of the visitors and then convert them to leads by using information from their trails and traces. Find out how this efficient and successful lead generation works: Prospecting 2.0. Download
White paper: Cold Calling Why you should be Cold Calling 2.0 upon your website visitors
Cold calling has been around since ever. In order to increase efficiency just call upon the website visitors as they are already interested parties. Download
White paper: Cold Calling 9 Steps to convert website visitors into leads
Every website has visitors; however they do not convert into leads. Only 2-3% submits their contact details. This White paper explains how to convert them into leads in 9 steps. Download
White paper: Leads cost comparison Leads cost comparison
  • Advertising
  • Trade shows
  • White paper syndication
  • Mailing campaign - Direct mail
  • Telemarketing by Call center
  • Cold calling by salesman
  • Emailing using landing pages
  • LEADSExplorer
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