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Wired for LEADS

  • Website traffic is not leads
  • In order to catch leads you need to wire your website: LEADSExplorer helps
  • More effective cold calling and targeted email campaigns: know who visits
  • Leads follow-up integrated with your website
  • Combining visitor identification, web analytics and Lead Follow-up System for more revenue

Website visitors are not leads

Getting traffic to your website is one, getting leads a different thing. As there are millions of websites, obtaining visitors is an achievement.
Still the next step is more important: converting visitors into leads. There is a big difference in people visiting your website and those who really become leads.

Website traffic is an indication of the potential for leads from your website.
The real lead generation process is in converting the website visitors to leads, in order to fill your funnel.

Visitor identification by company name

Catch leads on website

In order to catch a prey, one needs to set up a bow net.
If you want to catch your leads, you need to wire your website for leads.
Wiring with LEADSExplorer gives you a head start, as you can discover, retrieve, recognize, investigate on the trails of your Visitors and capture their behavior and their interests for Lead Generation.

Limit your efforts

Instead of addressing all of your potential customers, by emails or telephone calls (Cold Calls), using LEADSExplorer you can limit your efforts for Lead Generation by addressing only those companies, who have visited your website.
Less efforts, still more efficient Lead Generation, thus less costs.
Thus leveraging the investments you have made in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for getting found by people querying Search Engines or any other investments in Marketing and Advertising pointing to your website.

Integrated Lead Follow-up System

By matching the Website Visitors with your Company Contacts, which you have entered in the included Lead Follow-up System, you have a great chance to identify them.
By driving Visitors to the website by actions or events, events you register in the Lead Follow-up System contact history (event log), even more Visitors can be identified.
These events can be: an email, a telephone call, a conference call, or a meeting.
In order to let you achieve this, LEADSExplorer brings and presents together the events and the visits visually in the Activity Chart.

Contact data & Landing pages

Additionally LEADSExplorer can be enhanced by different methods:
1) Contact data capturing methods:

  • Register for download
  • Make them communicate with comments
  • Make them forward your info to friends and colleagues
  • Make them recommend the website to friends or colleagues
      In all these cases, their contact data is required: name and email.

2) Landing page method:
   Setting up Landing pages allows you to better track and retrieve visitors,
   who were invited to visit your website by email or during telephone conversation.

LEADSExplorer allows you to "catch" any Visitor of your website systematically, thanks to the power from the fusion of Web Analytics/Information and Leads Follow-up System.

Using these methods your potential customer won't be unknown to your sales and sales team.

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