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The buying drivers

Reasons why people buy in companies

The drivers of buying are as important as lead generation and closing sales

1. Replacement

A solution has been in place over a long time span requires to be replaced.
This is a difficult one as most companies and people will address to the same vendor again. When people are satisfied with a product or solution they tend not to change. Only a minority will screen the market in order to evaluate if they are buying the best price quality ratio.
How will you know there is a need for replacement?

2. New problem to be solved

When a new problem arises people will look for a suitable solution. Solutions used by their peers and well-known solutions of brand names have a high chance of getting evaluated.
Your company brand and product should appear on their radar or your website should appear in searches.<:p>

3. Legislation and compliance

Companies have to comply with regulation imposed by the government.
The customer is not really motivated to buy as they have to put a solution in place which should comply with the legislation.
Your website should have content about this legislation in order to be found.

4. Peers

As silly as it might look but people in companies will find a reason for a demand if they know about a solution or product one of their peers is using.
Chances are they will purchase the same brand or will look for a better deal than their peer has received.

5. Budget

At the end of the year the budget needs to get spent.

6. Improving and increasing productivity

This is still a major driver as leading companies need to stay ahead of their competitors.

Boosting business

If you have Account managers within your major accounts you will probably aware of the new needs or demands. However for companies you have no account manager you can only hope they contact you.
In most cases you will be missing many opportunities, although people will visit your website in search of new or alternative solutions chances are minimal they will contact you. In the best case only 3% of all your website visitors will contact you. And your white paper downloads will only result in obtaining mainly free web mail addresses which have no real value.

In order to boost your business you need to get more leads from your website, which you can only achieve by using LEADSExplorer.

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