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Buying intention indicators

Direct contact for purchase intentions required

If your suspects, leads or prospects or customers don’t call you directly for very direct questions about your product or services you need to have other indicators of buying intentions.

If they don’t call you, instead you could call all your prospects on a regular basis in order to find out about their purchase intentions. Still only a minority will give away their real buying intentions.
As such you need an independent anonymous indicator of their buying intentions.

Website reveals buying intentions

Your website is probably your best source as suspects, leads, prospects and customers will visit before and during their purchase process:

  • Before: for collecting information and finding suppliers by influencers and managers
  • During: for precise information by decision makers

Buying intentions in searches:
There is a buying intention indicator in searches when:

  • The search terms used are your company brand or product name
  • Employees of a company enter your website with a ‘direct hit’: meaning they have bookmarked your website

Visitor identification by company name

Number of unique visitors:
A buying intention when the number of unique visitors increases showing more people of a company are interested or engaged.

Pages visited:
Pages visited can also indicate a buying intention when visitors of a company start looking on your contact page and reading “About us” page – especially if they look up the biographies of the executive directors: CEO, CFO, COO, …

Visit activity and intensity

A clear buying intention signal is when the visit activity and intensity of a company on your website increases significantly:

  • More unique visitors
  • More pages visited
  • More time spend visiting

This is visually represented by the Activity charts provided for every visiting company: as well as for prospects as for customers.

activity visitors on website

Geography: Initial local visits becoming Head Quarter visits
When the people from the Head Quarter of a company starting to visit after previous local office or facility visits then you know the benefits or advantages of your products or service have attained and generated interest at Head Quarters.

Empowering your sales force

Using these indicators, as above explained, provided by LEADSExplorer you will empower your sales force as they will know when to call a prospect or client.

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