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Lead Generation in the Internet-Age

Outdated conventional lead generation

Mass marketing, direct mailings with list buying or opt-in lists, advertising campaigns and trade shows don’t work any more. In the Internet-age buyers search the web and use social media to evaluate products and manage their purchase process.
Suspects and prospects land on websites early in the buying cycle, but these potential customers want to engage with sales later than ever before.

The proven model of marketing generating a lead and sending it over to sales is outdated as buyers don’t follow this pattern anymore.

Website lead generation

A new method is required to capture leads on your website using lead identifiers, interest indicators and lead scoring.

  • Identifying leads on your website
  • Converting traffic into sales leads
  • Defining the leads that are ready to engage in a sales process
  • Tracking leads and customers during the sales process
  • Providing indicators of the lead nurturing effectiveness
  • Shortening the sales cycle by focusing on hot qualified leads and customers showing renewed interest
  • Streaming qualified leads directly from the website to sales

This is achieved with the on-demand lead generation service from LEADSExplorer. Our online service allows finding hot leads on your website that are ready to be called and nurtured by sales in order to engage in an active buying cycle.

Your B2B lead generation needs to follow the changes of the B2B purchase process by generating more qualified leads from your website. In order to do so: sign-up for a free trial here.

The discovery of companies and their interest on your website can also be used to follow-up on your leads and trace your customers as they visit your website too.

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